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Get your FREE games right HERE!

Yup, that’s right FREE GAMES! Everyone likes them – particularly when they’re GOOD games. First though, a tiny bit of bad news – we didn’t reach our total of 1000 votes for Eryi’s Action on Steam Greenlight. We did get close – which is a great work, and due in no small part to the awesomeness of all you people who took time to vote!


If you DIDN’T vote for Eryi’s Action, then you can rectify that by going here, RIGHT NOW!


Regardless of if you voted or not though, seeing as so many of you showed your support, Nyu Media have very kindly given us a consolation prize for our efforts – in the shape of 200 download codes for the game.


In the interest of fair play, we decided to put them all in once place for you to access – rather than split them up over all our social networks. So, at 12pm GMT tomorrow (that’s Thursday the 13 of December) we will put 100 codes on a special page on this site, which you can get to through here.


Then on Friday at 5pm GMT we will put up a further 100 codes for you to download!


All you’ll need to do when the page does live, is to press the button and your code will be generated.


Your codes can be redeemed at this site here.


These are on a strictly first come first serve basis – when all 200 are gone, they’ll be gone – so be quick!


  • Go2hell66

    its a shame you didn’t reach the 1000 but you got my vote

    can’t wait for those codes :3

  • Haku

    NICE ;D

  • Chi chan

    Voted!!! This game looks like so much fun! :D gunna be first in line for a free copy!

  • Soturak

    It’s only me or there don’t seem to be a way to get the code. Nothing appears below the text

    • Go2hell66

      not just you me too

      • Blake Abbott

        Yeah… I’m also having problems obtaining the code; and I’ve been refreshing for the past 23 minutes. >>

  • Go2hell66

    hmmm having a little problem receiving the codes, is a Captcha supposed to popup before i can generate a code?

  • Zerea

    Yaaaay, it’s time~!

  • Zerea

    I don’t know what the error means -_-;;

  • Go2hell66

    captcha seems to be a bit buggy

  • Daniel Bromley

    ‘Input error: Invalid referer Incorrect reCAPTCHA’

  • Michael Anderson

    Does anyone else get a 404 – Page Not Found error when they click on the button or is it just me?

  • Marcos Barba

    It’s not working :( real shame too

  • BBQisGood

    I hope it comes out soon :)

  • Michael Anderson

    Now I’m getting “Unable to Select Database” message when I click on the button. Anyone else getting this problem also?

    • BBQisGood


    • Go2hell66

      i’m sure they’ll fix it soon, unless the guy who runs the site is on break rofl :p

    • Marcos Barba

      That’s all I’m getting now also

  • Anthony

    awww well this sucks welp of to school for me xP

    • Marcos Barba

      Same here hoping to get a code before i had to go to school

  • cyxceven

    You had my vote ages ago. Let’s get them codes, shall we?

  • Geraint Evans

    For those of you having trouble getting access – I’m going to redirect you guys here!

    • BBQisGood


    • Go2hell66



    Working! I got my code! :D

  • Isaac Todd

    Got mine :3

  • Chi chan

    Got my code! YAY! :D

  • Mitar

    Got the code. Thanks!
    Hope the game gets greenlight.

  • Michael Anderson

    Yay! I got my copy! Thanks a bunches!!

  • Marc-Trajan Caton

    Thank you^^ got one of the codes, when you get a steam release I’ll purchase it there :)

  • Demon0no

    Now it worked! Thanks alot :3

  • Guest

    Thank you :) Managed to get a code.

    Will buy it when you get it released on steam

  • Go2hell66

    Woohoo finally Redeemed my code

    Thank you Nyu Media
    Thank you PQube
    Thank you Zen United (i still want my P4 Arena though)

    and Thankyou rice digital

    now i’m off to go play, laters

  • Martin Findlay

    College had a fire drill just before the codes went up… There’s always tomorrow!! Regardless congrats on the votes you did recieve!

    • Go2hell66

      wow did they run out already? that was fast

      • Martin Findlay

        40 minutes it quite long if you ask me. I had a box prompting me to put in a code, so I did that and got the Out Of Stock message. After I went back, the same message is still there, so I don’t know if I was just a few seconds away XD

  • Daniel Bromley

    It wasn’t working before and now it is it says out of stock :(

  • Martin Findlay


    • Martin Findlay

      Thanks you guys! It worked like a charm this time!

  • Chris Leudard

    Out of codes already?

  • Corey Williams

    Thanks for the code, and I hope you get Eryi’s Action greenlit soon.