The Horror Hype Train – Alien Isolation Vs The Evil Within
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The Horror Hype Train – Alien Isolation Vs The Evil Within

With Alien Isolation and The Evil Within set for release at the back end of the year it looks like the survival horror genre may be set to make an unsurprising comeback. Here we take a look at how these two horror heavyweights are stacking up on the old hype train.




With both games set to creep into the ring in the Fright Fest of October it’s anyone’s best guess who will come out on top. Both Sega and Bethesda have their heads on the line, and plenty to lose should either title fail to live up to the lofty expectations set.


Alien Gameplay




Sega will obviously be out to prove a point after the horrendous Aliens: Colonial Marines and by the looks of it, they’re pulling out all of the stops on this one. It cannot be stressed enough how important this title is to the languishing publisher. They can’t afford to have another flop under their belt sporting the prestigious Aliens name. While the brand may still be relatively strong, another high budget failure will likely damage the franchise under Sega’s tutorage irreparably. It’s pretty much all or nothing with Isolation. Fortunately with the ever reliable Creative Assembly at the helm and favourable previews (where have we heard that before) it’s hard to doubt the game’s quality thus far.


The Evil Within Preview


Spiritual Legacy


With the grandfather of survival horror Shinji Mikami in full control it’s difficult to see how The Evil Within can possibly go wrong. Given creative freedom from the very beginning, Mikami has finally had the tools and budget available to create a true spiritual successor to the Resident Evil series. Mikami has proven time and again he understands and appreciates the mechanics of fear and with his guidance, it’s unlikely the game will flatter to deceive. This is after all a genre he helped to create and mould. As his swansong in the director’s chair Mikami will want to go out with a bang and The Evil Within offers a great opportunity to sign off in style. The greatest concern so far must be the rather mixed response from some corners of the press, whether this is a sign of pre-game jitters or something inherently problematic, we will have to wait and see.


The Stats


Interest In Horror Over Time


Using data taken from Google Trends (analyses and tracks searches made via Google search engines) we can clearly see The Evil Within has so far kicked up a much more significant buzz over a consistent period of time.With that being said, at the release of the introductory trailer, Alien Isolation managed to kick up more of a fuss than The Evil Within has managed to create at any single point thus far. As we get closer to launch it will be interesting to see how the patterns change as the marketing machines kick into gear and hype ramps up.




Horror Perspective Comparison


Finally to offer perspective in comparison to the rest of the industry, search data from Sunset Overdrive and Dragon Age Inquisition has been thrown into the mix. As you can see Dragon Age easily usurps both horror titles but with such a large budget, and the development chops of Bioware behind it, its easy to see why. Sunset Overdrive on the other hand appears to be tracking slightly above Alien Isolation and below The Evil Within, sandwiched between the two.


In October we’ll take one final look at how each of the games are stacking up before release and discover whether Shinji Mikami can fight off the mighty power of the Aliens brand.

  • Dizzy Gear

    im still sticking with AI

  • 60hz

    both should be fun but i’m curious how involved mikami is, he may be just making bank and throwing his name on it… which worked well for vanquish but not well for shadow of the damned.

    sega looks like they have a winner on their hand but they may be victim to their historic weakness… marketing… they just can’t seem to understand how to market anything other than sonic (which, honestly, markets itself)… if i was a sega suit i’d drop everything and figure out how to buff up our marketing/pr/sales department, bring them back to the level of the glory sega shout days (hint: cannibalize atlus’ sales staff)…

    and of course when i say sega, it’s short hand for sega west, sega east seems to be beasting with PSO2, Chain Chronicle and assortment of other treats that will never see the light of day in the west.

    • Blue Odeyssey

      You’d like to think he’s giving his all on his final project. I can’t imagine anyone of such pedigree would want to finish up such a distinguished career with a dud.

      Bingo! Sega’s marketing is absolutely terrible. The irony is they seem to put the big bucks behind mediocre products while leaving their gems to rot in obscurity. It feels like Sega have almost given up on the Western market, it’s a real shame. I think the only reason no one has tried to purchase them yet is because of Sonic’s value. I reckon the Sonic brand alone would cost $600 – $800 million. Most of that value is gleaned from his power as a media property and not a video game character. If there was a way of purchasing Sega without Sonic I think they’d of been snapped up years ago.

      Sega’s inability to recognize and act on opportunity in the West is hurting us all!!

      • I ♥ Japanese Games

        I have a real problem with Sega right now. They has so many great games stuck in Japan, and then continue to release their ‘bad’ games here.

        That said, I AM looking forward to Alien Isolation – never played a creative assembly game that I didn’t like. As much as I’m interested to see what Mikami’s going to do with Evil, I think Alien just about gets my vote overall.

        • Blue Odeyssey

          Yeah no kidding, Sega are completely clueless. I’m surprised one of the many niche companies haven’t tried to pick up some of Sega’s region exclusive software for global release. Tbh, i’m still stinging from the Valkyria Chronicles 3 snub.

          Both games do look good, can’t deny that. I think i’m perhaps leaning the other way, while I don’t doubt Creative Assembly, the thought of having the guy who directed RE4 at the helm of another survival horror is just too much to pass up. Unfortunately with the release dates so close to each other, it will have to be one or the other for me. :/

  • Cosmos Black

    Although I’m not into the survival horror genre, (I’m the kind of guy that pretends he’s fallen asleep during horror films to avoid openly crying at the terror on-screen), I thought this article was rather interesting.

    Thanks for the read.

    • Blue Odeyssey

      Haha, I know that feeling! (avoid The Human Centipede at all costs!) Thanks anyway, appreciate the positive feedback.