Japanese Game Songs Performed Without Instruments
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Japanese Game Songs Performed Without Instruments

Like most avid gamers, I’ve listened to many video game song remixes and covers over the years, though this guy’s have to be some of the best I’ve heard, and the most impressive. Using only his voice, Smooth McGroove manages to create amazing covers of some of my favourite songs.



While he currently only has one Touhou song cover, fans of the series should enjoy this rendition of one of its best songs.



And here’s the cover I enjoy the most. Who doesn’t love some Chrono Trigger? Answer: No one.



If you want to hear more of Smooth McGroove, you can hit up his Youtube channel here.

  • http://www.facebook.com/findlay27 Hawk Ward

    I think the most amazing part about it all is his presence. Smooth McGroove has one of those faces that you just wouldn’t typically associate with such a talent, that it just helps to create an infectious atmosphere.

    Hopefully he’ll do more music from Eastern titles – their melodies alone are a feat to behold, and I have confidence that if he can pull off U.N. Owen Was Her?, then he should be able to pull off Voyage 1970 with practise >_>


    • http://twitter.com/MrRandom28 Isaac Todd

      That would be awesome! Hopefully he’ll make some more Touhou videos, though i’ll be happy with anything he does to be honest.

  • http://twitter.com/Zanetsu Simon Perman

    This was waaaay better than I even thought it would be. The voice is oddly pleasing to listen to.