Kingdom Under Fire II PlayStation 4 Trailer
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Kingdom Under Fire II PlayStation 4 Trailer

It’s little secret that Kingdom Under Fire was my favorite title for the original Xbox. It somehow meshed both the fast paced hack and slash elements from the Dynasty Warriors series, with competent RTS gameplay and an extremely rewarding RPG system, all while looking visually spectacular.


The game was announced in early 2008, planned to be on both consoles and PC as an MMO title. But as the game went into development hell all that we were left with was the lackluster Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom.


Recently Kingdom Under Fire II resurfaced as a next-gen release planed on both PC and PS4. It is shaping up to be one of the best looking F2P games to date.



The open beta for Kingdom Under Fire II started just a month ago in East Asia, while the western release is planed sometime during this year.

  • I ♥ Japanese Games

    I really liked the one that came out on 360 in the early years of the console! I’d forgotten about it until you posted this :) It got loads of bad reviews at the time because it was a change in play style (I’d never played one previously) but there was something kinda satisfying about it.