London Anime Con 2013 Roundup
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London Anime Con 2013 Roundup

Back in Bristol after a fantastic weekend of gaming, anime and music at the London Anime Con, and our fingers are still poised ready for another Croixleur Score Attack session!

It was great to meet some of you in person and hope you equally enjoyed the Live Rice experience!



It was brilliant to see so many people getting stuck into our selection of hand picked indie gems and hope yesterday helped the love for Rice and the Japanese indie game world grow!



We were blown away by the sheer persistent and determination of those who entered the Croixleur competition! With high scores exceeding 2.8million, we think we will need to spend a good few lunch times in the office trying to get ourselves up to scratch!



A massive congratulations to all those who won the Croixleur competition! You certainly worked hard for your Rice collection set so enjoy them well! Make sure to keep an eye out for other event’s we’ll be attending over the next few months and we look forward to seeing all you Ricelets soon!


Once again, thanks to everyone who came out to say hello and show your support, we hope you all had as much fun as we did!


Just one last thing before we go – if you came out to play Croixleur and enjoyed what you played, do please take time out to vote for Croixleur on Steam Greenlight. Supporting both developer Souvenir Circ. and publisher NyuMedia well help secure more doujin games for the future, so hopefully that’s a cause all of you can get behind!

  • Marcus Delby

    Had a great time at LAC – really really nice to meet you guys – and thanks for bringing Persona 4 Arena. Was great to get to play it! Had fun with the Croixleur contest too – good times! When will you be doing another event?

  • Fish

    great, another reason I should of gone to LAC. Stupid work!

  • Isaac Todd

    I wish I wasn’t so far away from all these events 😛

  • Kyle parker

    I had a great great time at lac playing the games thanks guys

  • Jacob Lewis-Fell

    I loved LAC! Really good competition going on. Plus I got to play the new Persona. Awesome! Hope to see you guys at other cons. Shame I only scored 1.68 million.

  • Connor Morrissey

    Fez guy gets a picture but the reigning champion with 2.8 million points (mwah) didn’t! D=