Project Diva F Is Coming To The West!
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Project Diva F Is Coming To The West!

Hatsune Miku fans have wanted this since the original PSP game, and it seems like Sega have heard them – a Project Diva game is getting an English release. Project Diva F, the console port of Project Diva f (notice the lowercase f), was released in Japan during March this year.



According to the announcement, the English release is going to include everything that has been added to the Japanese version since its original release. That means that there’s a total of 38 songs, along with a to of costumes and accessories for the entire cast. It’s nice to see that this release is being handled well in the West, considering this is the first Project Diva game to make it here.



The game is slated for release during August 2013, with a demo being available¬†June 11th for the U.S. and June 12th for Europe. Project Diva F will be available to purchase both physically and digitally in the U.S., while us Europeans are stuck with digital only. Thankfully, PS3 games are region free, so you can import the U.S. version when it’s released (like I plan to!)


You can view the full announcement here.

  • Tsun-Tsun Andi

    Good to see that happening. It’s also nice that there are actually publishers that care for the west. But please. Next time they should translate a game that actually have a language barrier. Like Yakuza 5 or PSO2. If you know where is what in the menu, you can play that game without a localization.

    • Nathan Topousis

      They’re still working on localizing PSO2. It’s a giant game, so it’s taking a while.

  • Hawk Ward

    Digital only huh… well, it’s progress! Plus as highlighted; we could always import from the US if push comes to shove. I’ve bought both renditions of this Project Diva-f/F, and I cannot recommend this enough to everyone.

    I personally urge that if you can, purchase this title. It will show SEGA and Crypton Future Media that Vocaloid is something that fans overseas want, and hopefully start a new wonderful relationship between the east and west. If Project Diva-F sells well, it may open the eyes of other publishers to a new market, and maybe even get some merchandising over here as well.

    (just picture it in a few years time, a Vocaloid concert at the SECC or Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow, or at King’s Place in London for example).

    Also to make things better, it looks like SEGA are just translating the title, and not running the game through the “western” treatment. Lyrics have been romanized in the screenshots; which is great for understanding what is being said, and I can only hope that they have English subtitles as an option too.

    Thanks for sharing this great news!

    • Nathan Topousis

      “Project Diva F will be available to purchase both physically and digitally”

      • Hawk Ward

        You must have missed the part that mentioned US being the only ones to get a physical copy of the title. As quoted from the source material – “The game will arrive this August on both PlayStation 3 and Playstation Network in North America, and in Europe on Playstation Network!” – This means that it will be on the PS3 + PSN Store for US, but just the PSN store for Europe; hence mentioning importing from the US.

        A slight misunderstanding, but I was pretty clear on the situation :)

    • phangtom

      Just want to point out that if we end up importing the US version. All it’s going to show that is that the US want the game. Not overseas hence why the US is getting a physical and digital format whilst we’re only getting DD.

      Was going to support the UK release, but since we’re only getting a digital release. I’m not going to bother since I’ve got the JPN version and it’s not like I was going to buy the UK version for the gameplay.

      Whilst I doubt it will sell well here (EU) anyway because it’s DD only.

      • Hawk Ward

        Actually, they should have on record that it was an import. If I remember right, for the JP versions of Project Diva-F/f, they had mentioned stats on how many people imported the game.

        I agree with you mostly, I would normally buy for two reasons – 1) have a physical, tangible version of what I purchased and 2) to support to developers.

        But in this situation, it is difficult to side with a digital purchase, solely based on the fact that many people are still against digital distribution, and not to mention there’s no tangible sentimental value beyond the Hard Drive it was downloaded to.

        Despite this,lets hope for the best. There’s a lot of countries in Europe, I’m sure that all round, they should meet a sales target without too much difficulty.

        • phangtom

          Really? Well, let’s hope they do keep a record on imports. Then at least it won’t be that bad if people do import it.

          Yeah, those were pretty much the two reasons why I would’ve bought the game. Since it’s digital only it’ll only take up space on my hard drive if I did download it or just be completely meaningless if I just bought it and left it in my purchase history.

          Well, let’s hope so. Not sure how well DD Only games do on the PSN store (especially when the PSN store interface is terrible).

  • Jonathan Souza

    Yeah… because who the hell cares about the PSVITA one…

  • Nathan Topousis

    I am very disappointed that it’s not the Vita version.

    • Hawk Ward

      While it’s not of much consolation, the JP version of Project Diva-f is pretty cheap now. The game’s menus are luckily easy to understand and shouldn’t pose trouble on how to play.

      The two main reasons I’m really looking forward to the western version from a gameplay standpoint is to firstly making Edit PV’s – which will now be easier to understand, as well as the fact we should now be able to get the DLC (for those that imported the game and have a western PSN account).

      It’s sad that it’s not the Vita version too, but do look at the positive side!!

      • lrdalucard

        There is no point in playing a music game in a portable device anyway… Like, only losers listens to music in portable devices, right?
        Sega’s Genius!

        • Hawk Ward

          The sarcasm is strong within this one!

          Seriously though, I do get what you mean, but from a marketing standpoint, there must have been a reason for SEGA to settle with PS3 only.

          (i.e. localising two similar games: For the franchise to do well in the west in this scenario, it would have to sell well on both the PS Vita and the PS3. That way with just localising the more refined version on the PS3, there is more chance of having a market than with just the PS Vita, since there are a lot more PS3 users out there than PS Vita)

          Our voices were heard, so I’m sure that our voices of wanting Miku on a portable device won’t go unheard either.

          Maybe the next Project Diva, yes. But for just now I’m more than happy that we’re getting Miku at all. Try look at this more positively, rather than turning the localisation of Hatsune Miku into a negative debate, thank you.

          • lrdalucard

            Just that I have been having “really bad luck” lately, bought Vita to play certain games, and they eitehr get cancelled, or cross-play off, even obvious PS VITA game versions becoming only ps3 versions insteed, even f2p Vita games that never reach Europe/USA…
            This little things make me start regretting buying a Vita …

          • Hawk Ward

            Hmm… that is problematic. Unlike yourself, my games of choice were very minimal – Hatsune Miku, PSO2, DJMax and a couple PS Store releases.

            Is importing an option for you at all? The JP version of Project Diva-f didn’t really need much translation at all. In fact the only segments that can be hard to get used to are the online menus, and Edit Mode (but there are tutorials on YouTube for these, which is extremely helpful).

            It sucks to hear, but I guess you could always try what I’m attempting to do? – learn Japanese. 3 years of hard work and you need never worry about localisation ever again? :D… yeah, wishful thinking =_=

          • lrdalucard

            Yeah Im trying it my self as well, Im almost done with the Hiragana Alphabet, moving to Katakana soon.
            Kanjis… well that will take a while…
            True fact I wont have to worry about games being dubed.

  • Historiata

    PS3, hell yeah. Hope the western community explodes with this one.

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