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Have fun.
That’s what were here for.

  • Marcus Delby

    WOO! First post?!
    In true GameFAQ’s style – I claim this Board MY OWN! ^_^

    • I ? Japanese Games

      Great first post. Your mum must be so proud! πŸ˜‰

  • Tony Stork

    2nd! Like A BOSS!

  • I ? Japanese Games

    Oh, cool! Good luck with this – no one ever does anything on the Japanese indie scene, so this is great! Also – can you release Melty Blood and Under Night In Birth please?

    • Marcus Delby

      Second for Melty Blood and Undernight In Birth!

    • Yirba

      Getting rights to Melty Blood might be quite tricky since Type-Moon is no longer a doujin group. Many people have tried and failed to license their games. That’s not to say it can’t happen, and it’s something I’d really love to see, but it certainly wouldn’t be easy.

    • zeroroute

      UNIB pls! I love melty and all but yeah, UNIB seems more likely because of the Tsukihime license complications(besides most of us own melty in one way or another). I’m still surprised Aquapazza got localized, but I guess the sky is finally the limit! πŸ˜€

  • Ramminchuck

    Whooo! I love everything about this idea! Hope it’s successful! πŸ˜€

    • I ? Japanese Games

      Yeah, I think it’s a GREAT idea. Nobody cares about the doujins – but they SHOULD! Really looking forward to seeing what you have lined up!

  • Nikuman Anman

    I’m liking the look of this site πŸ˜€

  • Alex Brown

    This is a really cool idea! There’s a lot of doujin games that should get the exposure they deserve in the west. I’d really love to see an English release for Windom XP ( ) and Hinokakera ( )!

    • SystemPatch

      But Windom XP does have an English release. There’s even a link to it on the Japanese game’s page you posted.

      • Alex Brown

        I know about that. But the English version stopped less than halfway through the updates, leaving out a bunch of new features and playable characters.

  • Warren Gutierrez

    Hi, is there a option to pay with paypal?

  • Martin Findlay

    Really liking this idea. I’d totally buy these games if it weren’t for the fact I own most that I have interest for already, However I look forward to further releases, and are glad such a place has come into existence πŸ˜€

    Question for the technical minded – 2.1GHz Dual Core…do you think it will it run Ether Vapor Remaster? (Req – “Pentium4 3.0GHz or better”)

    • I ? Japanese Games

      Works perfectly at full resolution on my Dual Core 2.3 GHz – 2Gb – Nvidia 8800 if that helps, so yeah, should be okay.

      • Martin Findlay

        Sweet! I’ll trust you on that, and get a copy on Friday! (i.e. Payday)

  • Marina Resta

    It’s great too see visual novels in english and for such a low price !
    I’ll be looking forward to your future realeases. Good luck =)

  • Dan Darlington

    This is a great site, and I’m enjoying the game I’ve bought (CTHCC) so far! Can’t wait to see how this develops.

  • Yirba

    Nice site!

    It’s good to see that doujin games are getting some more exposure. Having worked with doujin developers myself, I know they’re always happy to see people overseas enjoying their games.

    Good luck to Rice with what they’re doing. I know that acquiring rights to these games isn’t easy (I’ve been there), but I’d love to see this site grow. :-)

  • foximisty

    Cool site!
    MUST tell all my game friends about this!!! :)

  • Fish

    Does this site have an rss button? This sort of site is something I’d love to add to my feed

    • Yirba

      The feed URL is:

      Note that some browsers may not display the feed properly since the top line is blank, but hopefully your feed reader will handle it okay.

      • Fish

        Thank you so much, my browser doesn’t pick the link up but my feedreader does.

  • Haku

    I hope that more interesting games are on the way, even if Cherry Tree looks pretty good. ;D

  • Martin Findlay

    Hmm… do you guys have any hints as to the kind of games you’re “hoping” to release on Rice Digital? Would it strictly be doujin games for now, or would you look to release anything like Visual Novels, or third-party titles?

    Strictly as examples, MangaGamer provide lots of Visual Novels. But the difference being that’s their speciality. Yet Steam on the other hand focuses more on the action-based titles.

    Just a query of interest. Though it looks like a healthy balance for now – if you count the eXceed Collection as one game.

  • Tom Clare

    Normally I’m more of a console gamer due to my puny PC, but love Japanese games so thought I’d give this a whirl. Satazius is a very pleasant surprise, first boss whipped me a few times but after that, a really good blaster. Looking forward to sampling more when I’m less skint πŸ˜‰

    • I ? Japanese Games

      Bit of a hidden gem this one – I felt like I was taking a gamble on it, because it doesn’t look so great in the screenshots, but It’s actually really really good! ^_^ Only tried it because of the Edge review yesterday.

      • Tom Clare

        Ah yeah! I found out about this place via Edge too, think it might have been through a tweet. Like the look of Ether Vapor as well (and I’ll be honest, pretty much all of the other games on here lol), although the bullet-hell titles I’m a little wary of after being battered so mercilessly on Gundemonium πŸ˜€

  • OrnsteinDragonslayer

    I won one of the free codes for EryiΒ΄s Action and I say that you guys are awesome.

  • Mike Flores

    saw this site over at nyu media, good to see more distro’s of their products and the J-indie game scene as a whole, looking forward to seeing your partnership with nyu grow as well as with other indie groups.

    • Geraint Evans

      Thanks Mike, so far so good! Really looking forward to what the Nyu Media guys have lined up next!

  • Kevin Morton

    Hey Geraint, so glad to see your new site up and running. Good Job!

    • Geraint Evans

      Hey man – and thanks! Spread the word! ; )

  • SoulArbiter

    Stumbling across this site by accident is one of the best things I’ve done.

    • I ? Japanese Games

      Welcome! ^_^

      • SoulArbiter

        Cheers, mate.

    • Marcus Delby

      Seconded – great place! Try some of the games – there are some nice free ones and demos mentioned in the blog posts. I found some real gems here…

      • SoulArbiter

        Thank you. I intend to.

  • Marcus Delby

    I’ve been coming here every day since you guys started. Just wanted to say, I really like it here – and enjoy reading your posts every day. Keep up the good work – it’s nice to see some of the smaller, less known games getting some love!

  • Michael Anderson

    Just wondering but with the release of Yatagarasu, is there by any chance we can get an english translation for the launcher and probably a movelist? Lastly, maybe support for 1900×1200 resolution (this is stretching it as I’m sure the game wasn’t made for this kind of resolution)?

    • I ? Japanese Games

      The launcher is translated in the manual – it should have been in the download package as a pdf? There’s also a downloadable version on the Yatagarasu page in the store.

  • Michael Valdivia

    Why does yatagarasu crash during third battle? Game freezes during third match.

    • Evans Geraint

      Hey there. Are you running the game though Applocale? If not, download it (it’s an MS free download) and then this should solve the problem.

      • Michael Valdivia

        Hey thanks. It worked.

        • Evans Geraint

          My pleasure! ^_^

  • Sitalk

    Hi there, I’m asking because I can’t find out about it, do we get steam codes along with the digital download for games released on Steam like Cherry Tree?

    • Sitalk

      Just bought Cherry Tree but sadly there’s no code as far as I can see… :(

  • Kurtis Flores

    Hi i made an order a few hours ago and i have yet to receive the email with the download link even though the purchase has been complete. So what the hell is going on?

  • Barnaby Panton

    I won one of your discs at the MCM Expo for beating the first level of Eryi’s Action – I’ve not played all the games so far but the ones I have are all really good! Especially Ether Vapor Remaster, I was very impressed with that one. Thanks for translating these games and distributing them, I will definitely be keeping an eye on this website.

  • Sergio La Rosa

    I have a dream. AXEL CITY (and its spinoff) TRANSLATED, and the AWESOME Akatsuki Blitzkampf RELEASED HERE! Please, release these games… We need more j-fighting games Γ§__Γ§

  • Aisha Ahmed

    Hey, animeukshow are doing a podcast with the director of Rice Digital, if you have any questions about the games please submit them here or on our fb page :)

  • Yomartin

    I was wondering, will Yatagarasu: attack on cataclysm be stand alone game or just a update for the Yatagarasu (original) ?

    • BrandeX

      It’s a new standalone game.

  • fakeigniz

    If I buy a game on here, what exactly do I download? My home PC (that I want to play the games on) doesn’t have net access, can I buy a game on a different PC (that does have internet) and then copy it over to my PC, maybe via USB drive?

    • Geraint Evans

      Hey there. You’ll recieve a download that you can transfer to another computer if you so with. So yes, feel free to download from one computer, tranfer the download file to another PC and install it on there. :)

      • fakeigniz

        That’s great, thanks

  • fu uk

    do you love “rising sun flag” ?
    i love Hakenkreuz,too. rise NAZI! rise again !

  • Frimelda

    Is this the forum or is it merely the comments section? I’m foolishly thinking there’s a vBulletin Board somewhere.

    • Geraint Evans

      This is the forum, yes.Feel free to post, or ask questions.

  • Dragoon

    I guys I just fell onto this site, looks cool but I live in the usa. Can I still buy stuff on here or is there a US site?

    • Geraint Evans

      You can buy from the US, sure. All currency changes at the checkout :) You can buy from anywhere in the world!

  • BrandeX

    I still wonder why you guys never put up this version of Yatagarasu on Steam Greenlight, like you did with most of the rest of your catalog.

  • Thegreateops

    Is there a way i can access the games I have from you guys ? I bought If My Heart Had Wings a few days ago from my mobile phone and could not use the link when I got o my PC anymore :( (I also got War on Human tanks from you guys a while back)