Sega confirmed as the new owner of Atlus
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Sega confirmed as the new owner of Atlus

As we’d previously reported, Sega Sammy Holdings were among those bidding to acquire Atlus – who’s parent company Index are under investigation for some seriously dodgy dealings. Now, we’re very happy to confirm, that Sega have been successful in their bid – paying a reported ¥14 Billion – around $140 Million.


The deal is expected to be wrapped up by November the 1st and Index Corporation will now be called Sega Dream Corporation. ‘Atlus’, of course’ will remain unchanged. Management changes between Index and Sega, Nikkei reports, are already underway.


This is great news for those of you who feared Atlus might be snapped up by a third party – thereby restricting which consoles their much-loved IP will appear on.



One things is certain, judging by this line in a Sega Press Release – Japan is going to be seeing a whole world of Persona themed Pachinko and Pashislot machines… ;)


“(3) maximize the value of acquired IPs by effectively deploying them in the Pachislot and Pachinko Machines segment, Amusement Machine Sales and Amusement Center Operations segments.”


Exciting, no?


So, how do you guys feel about this acquisition? Glad it’s Sega? Or would you have preferred anyone else?



  • Ben Jenkins

    Awesome news!!
    Sega have always been one of my favourite game companies!!

  • Lezard Valeth ~Roiku

    That’s great, some fear for future localization, that will affect the US / EU atlus game but i do not mind , it’s a great news for Atlus

  • I ♥ Japanese Games

    Yeah, I have to say, I’m starting to lose confidence in Sega to bring games over – it looks like they just can’t be bothered with so many titles. It took them FOREVER to sort out Hatsune Miku – a game with relatively little text.

    Games like Yakuza and Phantasy Star Online 2 just aren’t getting the service those series need. If smaller titles like Senran Kagura, Virtue’s Last Reward etc can get brought out here, there’s no excuse for some of Sega’s larger titles – other than total apathy for the western market.

    I’m happy that Atlus will be safer now – I’m sure their staff are really relieved – but as a fan of Atlus’ titles, I’m a little scared that I just won’t see tsome of their more niche efforts anymore.

  • 60hz

    Sega needs to tap into Atlus’ localization success, or imo just replace SOA with ATLUS USA and call it a day.

  • manga

    I´d rather have had Sony buy Atlus. That way there would at least be a 1% chance of their games being transalted and released overseas. But with Sega as the owner?

    Oh we have this nifty game mixing relationship anxieties, cheating and puzzles and we would like to translate and release it outside of Japan

    Sega Management: No! To risky! make a pachinko version of it instead!

    If Catherine already hadn´t been released and developed.

    At this point I just can´t see anything positive comming out of this. But I hope and might even pray that I´m wrong about this gut feeling of mine.

  • Cheetah Faraz Xtwo

    I,m the huge fan of sega and i,m from Pakistan i want to say sega please released console everywhere

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