Senran Kagura is good for the games industry – support it
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Senran Kagura is good for the games industry – support it

I like boobs. I find them stimulating. Sexually stimulating. I also really like videogames. I like them a lot. I like them enough to compel me to write about them in what precious little spare time I have outside the my day job. More than anything I like videogame culture and an industry that promotes, no, celebrates diversity.


It’s this reason I like Senran Kagura.


Yes, I also like the boobs too. I’ve yet to find myself so overly stimulated by the sight of them, that I feel the need to masturbate on public transport – but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t gently titillated by cheeky fanservice.


It’s a fun, niche game that’s very much directed at a certain audience. Personally, I find it harmless.


So I read with dismay the article ‘- Senran Kagura is damaging the games industry  – on the Official Nintendo Magazine website.


While everyone is entitled to their opinion, I do feel I’m entitled to call out an article so vitriolic in its damning of a videogame, that the author, by his own admission, hasn’t even played.


That’s the equivalent of turning up to class for a dissection of Bronte’s Wuthering Heights and telling everyone how rubbish it is – even though you’ve only looked at the cover and a trailer of the movie adaptation.




Ignorance aside, and dismissing the fact that his diatribe is riddled with factual inaccuracies, what irks me the most is that it’s calling out for readers not to buy, to ignore, not to read, not to watch, not to explore and not to investigate.


Why?! Why on earth would anyone do such a thing?


Is that not in itself, a dangerous sentiment? I’d be intrigued to know if there’s anything else the author finds foul and unworthy? Is there a film, or a book perhaps that he feels compelled to warn me against experiencing for myself?


Senran Kagura vs Stalin


To deter anyone in such a way is dangerous thinking indeed.


Tempted though I am to wade into this argument, flailing my arms in a ‘it’s neither sexist or objectifying’ defence – frankly, I don’t think I’m qualified to do so. And, given I’m three quarters of my way through a bottle of red wine (and on a thursday no less!) I doubt I have the intelligence and critical nous to do so coherently.


There are, however, some points I feel compelled to raise in this land grab of the moral high ground.


Firstly, is there anything really wrong with entertainment that has a focus on sexual appeal?


Personally, I think something like Senran Kagura is relatively harmless in comparison to, say, the portrayal of women in magazines like Nuts and Zoo. It’s not particularly aspirational and it’s protagonists are not airbrushed cover-girls masquerading themselves as ‘perfection’ on the one hand – an ideal to be aspired to – and unrealistic representations of reality on the other.




Senran Kagura wears it’s boobs on it’s sleeve – literally – and in doing so sets its stall out as a vendor of light hearted fantasy. For me, such fantasy has it’s place, it can be enjoyed for what it is, by the audience it was intended for – and is hardly the stuff of evil and I certainly don’t believe it’s damaging.


In singling out this kind of entertainment as being ‘bad’, of focusing purely on the representation of breast size, whether a female character is portrayed as being too attractive, too sexy – aren’t we making a sweeping generalisation that women are suggestible, weak-minded and insecure?


Is it just me, or is that… really fucking patronising?


The irony is that this is the very stance so many male games journalists adopt in the damning of games like Senran Kagura – and at once strike a blow against the very people they’re attempting to ‘protect’. There aren’t any women in my social circle who need a games journalist to fight their corner for them – they’re perfectly capable of doing so themselves.




This is a point that can be endlessly disputed and to be honest – it’s not really what I wanted to focus on. Rather, the title of the article itself.


Regardless of your position in the sexism / objectification debate I cant stress enough the importance of niche interest games like Senran Kagura.


Senran Kagura’s very existence fills my heart with joy. At a time when so much of the entertainment I adore is focused on shooting**, or sports or endless iterations of match-three puzzlers – Senran Kagura has the audacity to make its way to Europe and offer us something that doesn’t involve piling up corpses in a factory warehouse or driving a vehicle really quickly.


It’s a colourful, silly, kinetic little slice of moe that, had the author taken the liberty of actually playing it, would have realised that it’s a game full of fun, full of happiness – full of love.




Regardless of your tastes, regardless of whether or not it’s top of your list for games to pre-order – it is absolutely essential for games like this to exist in order to enrich the industry that we love.


Yes, the indie scene is rampant with diversity – but the same is still not true of the main console and handheld releases.


If I woke tomorrow morning to find an industry that had homogenised – that was too frightened to release titles that they thought might offend certain people, or were worried about implementing a gameplay mechanic that might prove too divisive, or decided to tackle a theme that was deemed to risque, then I’d be mortified.


That’s not what I want from games. That’s not what I want from life. And to encourage people to be complicit in this ugly process? That is the most damaging thing of all.


Diversity is life. Censorship is most definitely NOT hometown.


You can pre-order the EU version, along with a bonus lenticular 3D poster right here!


This feature was brought you in association with Google Image Search and ILJG who runs the I Love Japanese Games Facebook Page.

His views are definitely not those held by Rice Digital or it’s partners. 



** The fact that people don’t really bat an eyelid at the proliferation  of games involving an endless torrent of murder is worthy of it’s own piece when I haven’t been drinking quite so heavily.

  • Lavitz

    I’m tired of people treating these kind of games like shit while they praise GTA and other stuff that has way worse stuff. In the eyes of many journalists (whiteknights) boobs are worse than murdering innocent people. This is a good article, I agree 100%.

    • JackValentine


      • frumpus

        Don’t listen to this JackValentine sicko. He thinks its okay to shoot hookers in the head but show a girl with boobs for sexual purposes and suddenly that’s wrong and immoral! JackValentine is the taliban of America.

        • JackValentine

          I have no problem with nudity in games. But when it is as distasteful and immoral as it is in these games, combined with typical, appalling Japanese writing, it’s plain wrong.
          And no, I’m not okay with shooting prostitutes in the head. Like I have said in other comments about my feelings towards a game like GTA, it’s never forcing the player to perform actions such as this, and so, is not as bad as something that forces you to witness overly-sexualized cartoon characters rub each others over-sized breasts. Sorry for bursting your bubble if you get off on cartoons.

          Also quick edit: Thank you for your little racial outburst, it really helped support your argument!

          • MeatFilling

            First of all it’s not forcing you to witness anything, because it’s entirely up to you whether or not you want to play it. And second, Japan’s culture is different from ours and calling them wrong for doing what they’ve been doing for so long is pretty stupid. Just chill out and don’t play the game.

  • Shippoyasha

    Well said! Another thing to point out is that sexy games and entertainment is not a male only venue. It is pretty absurd to imply that girls can’t enjoy these kind of games. Discussion of really risqué stuff like full blown hentai is actually a thing with many girls in my school and it’s absurd whenever people imply that sexual girls in media is a slight on all women.

    Cheeky, fanservice filled soft erotica games have more than a right to exist. Same for some Japanese games heavily appealing to fangirls with fantasy boys and hunks. I say let more games have fun with the sex appeal if game creators and game players find it fun. Variety should be embraced, not stamped out for having niche appeal.

  • JoeSislack

    I cried.

    I fapped.

    Life and hometown 4ever.

  • Suzaku Kururugi

    Great article, man. I can’t stand how these SJW want to stop others’ “artistic freedomes” because it doesn’t fall in line with how they think the medium should be. The ironic part is, if someone tried to limit their own free speech they’d pitch the biggest bitch ever.

  • Michaela B

    It’s rather odd that the ‘Official’ Nintendo Magazine’s website would allow such incriminating posts regarding their own game. Highly unprofessional.

    I am not into moé nor this game, but it’s hardly damaging the industry guys. I won’t point fingers as it’s simply not necessary.

    This isn’t the Victorian era, we can handle a bit of bloody nudity. If we want to have more diverse and inclusive games and a healthier relationship with media for both sexes, then this is a game that will have to be licensed and sold.

    I think that the line between things like female sexual empowerment and sexism should be defined. Then people can get to arguing. I don’t think it matters whether it’s men or women doing the arguing as long as they are well-researched, have a unique point to offer and are actually trying to make some real change.

    Me? Instead of ridding things, isn’t it just easier to ADD new kinds of games to the market? We don’t have to halt this game’s production to achieve true equality, we can have our Mirror’s Edge AND our Bayonetta, we can even have our Nancy Drew’s AND Senran Kaguras.

    This article or any voices for that matter can’t stop the game existing, it has already been made! Why not grab some like-minded folks and ask the publisher if they can release ANOTHER game from Japan more to your liking?

    I’d rather have two games than none.

    • Michaela B

      Okay such I just watched the trailer and maybe I am a little interested…

  • Mr Black

    ONM’s argument has some valid points, but has discredited itself by suggesting that people should ignore, avoid and not research this. This game has the right to exist. It’s also not done itself any favours by not playing the game.

    However, objectification is objectification; unrealistically portraying women in this way is degrading. To dissect the specifics; objectification of women in this instance is obvious because their unrealistic portrayal is done without any context. There’s no reason why they have big boobs, their big boobs don’t assist their character or abilities, and its obvious that it was added for male-attraction only.

    On the other hand, a character can be beautiful or ugly and it wouldn’t have any physical correspondence to their abilities. Therefore these characters being beautiful (by generic standards), is morally fine because it has some realistic context (although arguably they were made beautiful because of the same reason as giving them big boobs).

    But because it is clearly objectifying, while I still think it has the right to exist, I don’t think it has any morale high-ground and I don’t think it represents diversity. It represents an unrealistic idea of diversity, which is potentially insulting and degrading to women.

    This game IS Zoo and Nuts;
    - If Senran Kagura was an advert it would be a plastic supermodel on a sports car.
    - If Senran Kagura was a music video it would be Robin Thicke’s Blurry Lines.
    - If Senran Kagura was a film it would be 100 girls.

    I think sex in games has every right to exist, the same right as violence, but portraying girls in this way is prejudiced in a sexual context, whereas most violence in games is usually not prejudiced towards a particular group (although we all remember Dead Island Riptide’s severed woman’s torso). The exception being a “positive prejudice” of not aiming violence towards children, but that’s a different discussion.

    There are bigger evils & concerns in the world, in media, in video games etc. but saying this is a minor problem ultimately isn’t an excuse for trying to morally justify bigotry.

    Reviewers have the right to suggest that people shouldn’t support a game, ONM’s review would have had the high-ground if they just stuck to that simple premise.

  • Ibi Salmon

    “Ignorance aside, and dismissing the fact that his diatribe is riddled with factual inaccuracies, what irks me the most is that it’s calling out for readers not to buy, to ignore, not to read, not to watch, not to explore and not to investigate.”

    That was my main problem with the article as well. I didn’t mind what the author said. He had the right to say what he wanted regarding what he felt was a legitimate problem. However, I draw the line on telling others to look it up. That’s telling other to be ignorant and I can’t accept that.

  • Hawk Ward

    First and foremost… allow me to just highlight I may lose some braincells writing this, or just eventually become incoherent because of reading through quite possibly the most poorly written articles on ONM to date. For this, allow me to apologise in advance… Now without further adieu….

    So…. Chris, a guy, believes he can speak for the views of all female gamers? Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s wonderful this guy sees right and wrong in things, and that tries to protest for what he believes to be right.

    However there are two things he should understand…
    1) Women have their own opinions too
    2) Senran Kagura is anything but damaging to the industry

    As you said ILJG, these sort of games certainly have their target market, and I could probably slot in there nicely. But according to Chris, if a game exists with a gender demographic, it obviously must be a bad thing!

    So clearly, Secret of the Magic Crystals must be masculism! Surely if this writer is such a seasoned defender for all things women, he must agree that there’s no way in hell that SotMC would fit in with the male demographic, and that it’s demoralizing to how we perceive animals, and nature, ultimately demoralizing any man that were to play it.

    Sound bullshit? EXACTLY!

    Tossing around the sexism card has been going around for too long, but what Chris don’t realise is that by chastising this game, you’re chastising a culture, and effectively telling that country “We don’t want your games”

    Everyone has their own right to their opinions, in fact Chris himself even raises a couple of valid points, and his personal feelings to the gameplay are all fair. But the active protesting to demand complete ignorance of a game is in itself ignorance of the writer themselves.

    This would be like me demanding a ban on Marmite – I might hate it, but it doesn’t give me any right to stop the minority of people from enjoying it.

    Hate a game? Feel free to ignore it yourself! Don’t lump a whole community on board as if they’re systematically bound to agree with you. We can buy whatever the heck we want – If that pisses you off, then tough fucking shit!

    /rant (…. for now)

  • Tsun-Tsun Andi

    I’m pretty sure that this was just a huge marketing ploy for a niche game. Hell, this raised more awareness for the title than people going against it. Senran Kagura was finally put up for preorder in the German Amazon yesterday and it went for first place in the newcomer bestsellers.

    But if he’s serious, then well, he did a really bad job at journalism and representing women. He made women seem weaker in his article than they are, like as if they are incapable of defending themselves. (Because that’s not true.) I even know women through twitter who also preordered it and look forward to playing it, so I can’t buy the idea that all women are offended by this.

  • jim

    seriously its boobs, they can get over it

  • OtakuGamersUKGeoff

    Great read! I’ve actually.been getting a little annoyed at the crusade against Senran Kagura Burst that’s been building up lately within the more mainstream areas of the gaming press. Your point on how this ‘white Knight’ attitude journalists are going about with is more patronising to women than the game in question is exactly how Ive been viewing this. It’s always good to know there’s other writer’s out there with some sense =)

    I actually came across a similar situation to this when reviewing Criminal Girls earlier last week. With how the Mainstream gaming press had been going on I was expecting something a little more sexualised than what I played. The Punishment & Fan-service aspects of the game were actually quite tepid (the game itself wasn’t too bad, gave it a decent 6/10) with how the mainstream go on you’d think it was heresy just to look at the case and you’d burn in hell for eternity lol

    Thanks for a good read anyway! Hopefully the retweet on Twitter through the gaming blogs account I author on nets you a few more well deserved reads.

  • Jorge Tavani

    about time this article came out I was getting tired of listening Senra Kagura is bad for the industry of video games and blablablablablablablablablabla but mentioned

  • Jorge Tavani

    It’s about time this article came out I was getting tired of listening Senra Kagura is bad for the industry of video games and blablablablablablablablablabla very good article

  • Doctor Nebula

    Senran Kagura actually has some depth to it, I’ve started playing it again and the story is getting pretty good.

  • Patrick Toworfe

    I agree wholeheartedly. I’m done with the whole sexualization debate cause people won’t hear any of it. But what I WONT stand is this stupidity that believes that anything even remotely sexual or deviant ‘shouldn’t exist’. SO FREAKING WHAT you don’t like DOA or its portrayal of women? DON’T FREAKIN PLAY IT. These people need to stop trying to ruin stuff for others. The worst part is, do you see gamers trying to campaign to get rid of fashion magazines? Or magazines with hot guys in there? Do you see people trying to tear down the establishment of rom coms? Do you see people trying to make the likes of Stephanie Meyer or the lady who made Fifty Shades of Grey die in a fiery death? NO. There’s markets for EVERYONE, and the sooner people stop being hypocrites and taking a moral high ground under stupid buzzwords, the better. Oh boo hoo, this game has a sexualized chick with her tits out. It’s obviously not made for you then. Seriously. Good article man. I’m done having to justify myself and my tastes to people while they flaunt theirs like its ok. Guys will like what they like and trying to take that away from them is BS. Also, that bit about people patronizing women is EXACTLY correct. It makes me SICK how people act like they need to shield all women from anything offensive. How goddamn patronizing is that. These idiots white knights treat women like CHILDREN. They act as if women couldn’t POSSIBLY enjoy these things, when women voice act, play as AND cosplay the very ‘oversexualized’ characters that they get mad about. Sheesh. Glad someone is taking a stand about this topic.

  • Patrick Toworfe

    Ranting aside, let me be real for a second. I get it; not everyone likes this stuff. It’s cheeky, it’s sort of offensive and it’s definitely something that would bother a lot of people. But that’s the sum of it really. If gaming is ever supposed to be taken seriously then why limit it? I want gaming to progress, but NOT in the fake, bland way people seem to think is the right way. If TV, magazines, movies and even music are allowed to have all types of genres including sexualized stuff, then why not games? I mean really; we have games like Bioshock Infinite and The Last of Us which tell phenomenal stories and have amazing presentation. Does that mean the industry should stop making games like Senran or games like DOA? No. If these oversensitive people want to be gamers they need to understand that if you don’t like something, YOU should ignore it and move on, not spoil the fun for others. I too want games that don’t have to have sexualized chicks and have better female leads. I want more female characters in general. If people want to have a game appeal to their tastes, then they should push for that. Not come into the industry and expect stuff to change for them because they don’t like it. Just like TV. You can have your Sherlocks along with you True Bloods. If people get this fussed over one game they don’t like all the time then we’re getting nowhere. The gaming community needs tolerance and it needs it NOW. On all fronts; people need to be tolerant of different opinions, stop being so toxic to each other and let people like what they like, man or woman. So in the future, if I wanna play the next oversexualized booby romp OR I wanna play the next game of the year winning adventure, I will. Cause that’s the beauty of choice. That’s all

  • Kristian

    It’s good to hear a real “voice” on the Internet! Terrible thing of Nintendo to lett their ONM have such an horrible article!

  • JackValentine

    So the objectification of women is fine in games?
    The reason games like GTA are okay, is that it is something so ludicrous. Nobody will ever think that the things portrayed in those games are okay because it’s just not.
    Something like this, which clearly exists for no other reason than to show woman as sexual objects, give the audience of uneducated morons that play them the idea that women exist only for sexual purposes.
    If a woman is not flaunting her ludicrously oversized breasts in your face, there must be something wrong with her.
    It’s fucking disgusting, and the fact that people try and back themselves up by comparing this to GTA, consider this: Killing in GTA is never forced. In a mission, perhaps, when you are killing gang members or drug dealers, sure. But the game never forces you to drive down the street killing people on the sidewalks. It also never forces you to go the strip clubs, or pick up prostitutes in your cars.
    In these kinds of games, it’s part of the story. It’s in the cut-scenes. It’s FORCED.

    • Erik Jacobs

      So shooting hookers in the head is okay because it is “ludicrous” and a bunch of boobs are not because they are vulgar?
      If one is the kind of person that gets his/her morals from a game than said person is going to messed up. Doesn’t matter if it is by GTA5, DOA5 or som fanservice game.

      • JackValentine

        I’VE never shot a hooker in the head in the game, because that’s pathetic. But have I been forced to sit through countless scenes of perverse, over-sexualized cutscenes in games like this one? Yes.

    • frumpus

      This sort of attitude is super pathetic and you should be ashamed of yourself for being pro-violence but anti-sex.

      • JackValentine

        So which is worse, being pro-violent and never becoming a violent person, or being pro-objecification/pro-misogony, and adopting those attitudes or believing that is how women should be portrayed? You’re the pathetic one here if that’s how you would go about treating women. People like you hold back society.

        • Erik Jacobs

          Uhhh unfair comparison spotted. The correct question would be which is worse: Going around shooting people or going around raping people because that is what games thought you. I’m guessing you’re smart enough to know the answer to that question…

          You shouldn’t go around calling people you probabely know nothing about “pathetic” because your own mindset is out of whack.

          Our christian and muslim friends have been repressing sexuality for centuries. Porn bad, sex in movies is bad, sex in books is bad. That hasn’t stopped a lot of them treating women ( and children ) like trash has it?

          Some people watch the fast and the furious and want to go streetracing.. Is that the movies fault or that of mentioned individuals? Now why would it be any different for violence or sex?

          • JackValentine

            Unfair?! Yes, unfair for women who are made out to look like big breasted bimbos in video games!!

            I never even brought rape into this, I’m talking about exposing women in a way that does not do them any good.

            And people that are stupid enough to think that going street racing after watching those kinds of movies is are exactly what I’m talking about. Some people will think it is okay to think of a woman as nothing but a piece of meat meant for nothing other than sex, BECAUSE of games like this.

            And don’t say “well games like GTA invoke people to be violent because, because… ummm, school shootings!”, because then you’ll sound like ever right wing conservative ever to shame the planet with their presence.

          • Belerith

            Right… well, as a female, I don’t find this game offensive at all?

            Of course there are different kinds of people who will play any game, even if this one targets a pretty specific audience. That doesn’t mean all of those people can be lumped together like that.

            Playing this game isn’t going to make you think less of women, or lower your morals. I expect some of the players will have such opinions, and might even use games like this to “prove” their standpoint (if only to themselves), but with the right mindset you can turn everything around until it suits your purpose.

            If, however, you think of women as equal, this game shouldn’t be all it takes to change your opinion.

            What I’m saying is, it’s a game. It’s supposed to be fun. So have fun. No one’s going to make you play if you don’t want to, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun for other gamers.

            (I am thinking about buying it… retail.)

          • Izzy

            It’s a shame you see these game characters as people, they are digitally CREATED AND MODELLED 3D ASSETS. The people who made them can do whatever they want, also this game is based off an anime that is hilarious. Objectification of 3D objects, it’s fine. Some people are too attached to games it seems…

          • DougLord

            Awesome analogy. +10. Religious people tend to treat we min the most horribly of any group.

    • DougLord

      You must have a really low opinion of strip clubs and hookers.

      In all seriousness the problem with this game is that the girls are intentionally made to look like teenage school girls.

      Also, shouldn’t we be focusing on the fact that the game looks terrible, and the books are there to distract you from the lack of game play.

  • Belerith

    I have but one thing to say about this article: You (the author) articulate rather well for having drunk almost an entire bottle of wine.

    That’s quite an impressive feat.

    Also, I agree with most of your points, if not quite with the tone you wrote some of this in. Might be the wine talking, though. ;)

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