Croixleur Croixleur Croixleur Croixleur Croixleur
Developer: Souvenir Circ
Availability: In Stock
Format: PC (Windows) Download
Players: 1
Publisher: Nyu Media
Genre: Hack n Slash
Release Date: Available Now

A hack and slash so colourful, so hectic and so awesome, you’ll wonder why you never spent £3.49 so wisely before! Take control of the beautiful Lucrezia Visconti and slash your way through the enemy hordes in each stage, in a bid to wrestle ultimate power from your childhood rival. Fast, slick and with an immensely satisfying combat system, Croixleur offers up three excellent modes to test action fans of all skill levels – and a doujin scrapper that’s up there with the best of them!

Croixleur Overview

• Frenetic 3D hack & slash action!

 3 modes to master: Story Mode, Time Attack Mode and Endless Mode!

• Accomplished fight system including Move Cancelling, Attack Collisions, Invisible Dashing and Rigid Body States.

 10 Weapons to collect, each with a unique special move! Pick the load-out that suits your fighting style!

Minimum System Requirements

OS: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, 7
DirectX: DirectX9.0c or later
CPU: Intel Pentium compatible 2.0GHz or better
Memory: 512MB or more
Sound Card: Compatible with DirectX9.0c or later
Graphics Card: Compatible with DirectX9.0c or later and 64MB or more of VRAM
HDD: 200MB or more free space.


Additional Information
Format PC (Windows) Download
Players 1
Publisher Nyu Media
Genre Hack n Slash
Release Date Available Now

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