Princess Edge
Princess Edge Princess Edge Princess Edge Princess Edge Princess Edge
Princess Edge
Availability: In Stock
Format: PC (Windows) Download
Players: 1
Publisher: Rice Digital
Genre: Beat em up
Release Date: Available Now

Princess' Edge - Dragonstone is a beat'em up similar along the lines of Bareknuckle/Street of Rage, Golden Axe, Oboro Muramasa, and Guardian Heroes. It's a story about a princess who was sealed by her people to prevent the awakening of an evil dragon. Hundred years has passed and one day she found herself free from the seal, which also means that the dragon will soon spread fear and destruction in the heart of the people. 

Princess Edge Overview

A good amount of special technique, more if you count the aerial version.

Combo system, you can even do aerial combos.

Backstab system, get behind your opponent and strike them for more damage.

• Mounted combat system.

• Smooth animation and control.

• Gamepad and keyboard are both supported.

• Support multiple high screen resolutions.

Minimum System Requirements

PC requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7
Direct X: Later than Direct X9.0
Video card: Card that supports 640x480
Memory: Requires more than 1 GB space
Sound card: Sound card that supports DirectSound
Additional Information
Format PC (Windows) Download
Players 1
Publisher Rice Digital
Genre Beat em up
Release Date Available Now

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