The Tale of ALLTYNEX
The Tale of ALLTYNEX The Tale of ALLTYNEX The Tale of ALLTYNEX The Tale of ALLTYNEX The Tale of ALLTYNEX
The Tale of ALLTYNEX
Developer: SITER SKAIN
Availability: In Stock
Format: PC (Windows) Download
Players: 1
Publisher: NYU Media
Genre: Arcade, Shmup
Release Date: Available Now

Finally, Western gamers can fully enjoy the unique mechanics, carefully crafted play experiences, focus on destructive fun, and addictive score attack gameplay which have made the ALLTYNEX games renowned in Japan. Sci-fi fans will also enjoy the backdrop to the action, which is a millennium-spanning saga which encompasses global civil war, an ages old alien threat and humanity in need of salvation as it teeters on the edge of extinction.

The Tale of ALLTYNEX Overview

The Tale of ALLTYNEX includes all three games in the ALLTYNEX Trilogy!




• Oh yeah, and in a nutshell? These are some of the finest shooters ever made – and that’s no exaggeration!

Minimum System Requirements

OS: Microsoft Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8*
CPU: Pentium 4 2Ghz or better
Graphics Card: 64Mb or more of VRAM; compatible with DirectX 9c or later


Additional Information
Format PC (Windows) Download
Players 1
Publisher NYU Media
Genre Arcade, Shmup
Release Date Available Now

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