Tales of Zestiria announced
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Tales of Zestiria announced

In case you didn’t know – what with the ‘Tales’ JRPG series reaching it’s 20th anniversary and everyting – Namco Bandai held a special event to unveil the next installment in the series on PS3. Yeah, you’d have thought they might have saved this for PS4, but hey, if last-gen* is good enough for Persona, it’s good enough for Tales, right?


So yeah. This one’s called ‘Tales of Zestiria’ and main heroes Slay and Alicia will star. According to Hideo Baba it will take place in Green Wood –  a place that was dark, now isn’t dark, but looks like it might go back to being dark again.




It will also have something of a focus on exploration, dragons and perhaps even more interestingly, will have something of a revised battle system. My money’s on this being seamless with exploration a-la Xenoblade Chronicles – so no more being whisked off to a battle screen.


That’s my prediction. If you’re as super-excited as I am – you can have sneaky peek at the reveal trailer that someone took with their camera phone. Presumably just before Baba leapt into the audience, stabbed him in the eye with a ballpoint pen and had him ejected from the building.


This is how he rolls.**



* Can we call it last-gen yet? Or is it too soon? Feels too soon to call PS4 ‘current-gen’. *sigh* I just don’t know what to do anymore.



**This is definitely not how Hideo Baba rolls.