UK Newspaper Believes Hestia Boob Ribbon Trick is Real & Our Attempt

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UK Newspaper Believes Hestia Boob Ribbon Trick is Real & Our Attempt

I’m sure we’ve all seen Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon by now, and if not we’ve at least seen the “Hestia Boob Ribbon” fashion style. Whether or not the ribbon, tied around both arms and worn under the breasts, would actually “work” has been the subject of some debate online, with many posting diagrams and images of them trying it out.


The Daily Mail, a UK newspaper, has of course seen this to mean that IIWTTTPUGIAD has started a legitimate fashion craze in Japan, with the headline “Is this the most bizarre craze ever? Japanese women copy curvy cartoon character by tying RIBBONS under their breasts to boost cleavage” — the implication that it’s only Japanese women being in and of itself a little bit racist.


Cartoon Characters Blue Ribbon Boob Booster Is Fashion Fad In China


“Gone are the days when a few strategically-placed tissues was all you needed to give cleavage a boost – now Japanese women are using ribbons. […] It has not only been picked up by cosplayers, who like to dress up as their favourite anime characters, but it has also been copied by ordinary girls who have been posting their own Hestia-inspired images online.”


They finish off the lovely article by saying “Both ordinary women and those who practice Cosplay have tried the trend”. Because of course female cosplayers are not ‘ordinary women’ at all.


“My boobs just won’t lift up like Hestia’s…” – Translation via Rocket News 24


“Would a ribbon like Hestia’s actually give me any uplift? Result: Not in the slightest. Conclusion: It just makes it hard to move, and the ribbon is cutting into my arms.” – Translation via Rocket News 24


Top comments on the Daily Mail article include “Anything that enhances breasts without surgery has to be good!”, “Then complain like hell if some bloke has a good look at them in passing ??? Crazy world Innit ???”, and “Ain’t nothin wrong with breast motion.. Some people talk with their hands now you can get more descriptive.” Nice.   Of course, articles have proven this isn’t really possible legitimately, as the support for the breasts would have to be further out than is possible with it running along the body.


“Will it give me a boost…? It cuts into your upper arms, that’s for sure.” – Translation via Rocket News 24


Of course, here is our favourite attempt, by @mediocafe (full photo shoot here):




And our own attempt!: