Yoko Taro Hopes for a Vita Successor
on March 20, 2017 by

Yoko Taro Hopes for a Vita Successor

Eccentric creator of NieR, Yoko Taro, has expressed his hopes for a successor to the PS Vita on Twitter, saying he wants something more from next-gen handheld consoles that smartphones don’t offer. Chiefly, it’s buttons.



“I wish to see a successor for the Vita. I feel a little relieved now that the Switch is out, but I want something slightly smaller to play on for a next-gen handheld console. I’m not satisfied with smartphones that don’t have proper physical buttons.” (Rice Digital Translation)

Yoko Taro Hopes for a Vita Successor

Using smartphones for games is all well and good, but they definitely do lack a certain something. The Vita is an amazing console too, so who can blame him for wanting a follow up? Perhaps the success of the Switch will be the nudge Sony needs to make the next version of the Vita happen.


But perhaps it will see the trend shift towards consoles trying to fill both the home console and handheld roles, in which case those who are hoping for something smaller will be out of luck.

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