Assassination Classroom Episode 9 Review – Transfer Student Time (Anime)

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Assassination Classroom Episode 9 Review – Transfer Student Time (Anime)

After two episodes away in Kyoto we’re now back to the titular Assassination Classroom itself, and it feels like the story is also back on track too. A new student is being transferred to class 3-E by Karasuma. The students suspect they will be some kind of assassin and they’re right, but the situation isn’t quite as they expect.


The new student a computer AI machine called Autonomous Intelligence Fixed Artillery, who has been enrolled as a student in the school to take advantage of a loophole in Koro-sensei’s agreement with the government to be allowed to teach at the school under the promise he will not harm any of his students. With this rule in place he is powerless to harm the fixed artillery in the classroom who constantly learns and evolves based on its target.


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The AI runs into trouble with the students because the constant onslaught of assassination attempts keeps on disrupting their learning. But, as a student, Koro-sensei isn’t quite as quick as the students to give up on it.


Like any story based on AI there’s a big focus here on things such as “free will”, and, given the student nature of the AI (who manifests as a schoolgirl) this also branches off into the struggle between the will of the child and the will of the parent. The creators of the AI are aiming to not only earn the reward money for assassinating Koro-sensei, but also prove their invention will revolutionise warfare and earn even more money. This isn’t dissimilar to the way some parents want their children to succeed at the capitalist ideal, disregarding some of the finer points of their desires in the process.


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Of course as usual Koro-sensei is surprising and lovely as a character. He himself is a bizarre tentacled monster, so it makes sense the he wouldn’t be willing to give up on a student just because they’re a computer. There definitely feels like there are overall steps forward in this episode, unlike perhaps the prior one, as the depths to which Koro-sensei is explored but also what he gets out of it too.


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With this new element added to the show, I have to wonder where it will go from here. It seems hard to imagine Ritsu, the AI, not being a very prominent part of the show when it seems she statistically has the best chance of assassinating Koro-sensei, but she could be so overpowered it would be hard to explore other avenues. But it doesn’t really matter as, while the show is called Assassination Classroom, it’s not really about assassination very much at all. It’s about the bond between student and teacher. This episode showcases that bond perhaps the best of them all, by taking it to this bizarre extremity. That’s what the show is really about.


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