Caligula – Sword Art Online Meets Persona

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Caligula – Sword Art Online Meets Persona

Caligula is an intriguing new title from Aquria, creators of Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment. Fans of the Persona series may find it resembles Persona a whole lot. It is no coincidence as Tadashi Satomi, the original writer of Persona games, is involved with this project.


Caligula is not a Roman emperor, but a Japanese video game that is set to release on the Vita this June in Japan. Actually, the game’s name probably stems from the “Caligula effect”, a psychological term referring to one’s want to see and do prohibited things.



The game’s story is set in a virtual world known as “Mobius”, where everyone lives their life safe from harm in an idyllic school setting. That is, they are continually reliving 3 years of their life as high schoolers, regardless of who they might be in real life. Of course, not everything is going according to plan and some students realize they are in fact living in a virtual world and some of them form a club in order to go back home. A character known as “μ”, a vocaloid like program, oversees this virtual world, trying to provide each human with their perfect high school life.


Caligula releases on the PlayStation Vita June 23rd in Japan.