Check Out One Hour Of Hero Must Die. Again Gameplay

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Check Out One Hour Of Hero Must Die. Again Gameplay

Degica Games have released a new launch trailer for ‘Hero Must Die. Again’ ahead of its launch today on PS4 and tomorrow, February 27 on Switch! Gematsu have also published an hour of gameplay so you can decide whether this looks like something you’re in to.


hero must die. again


The game has an interesting premise in that you actually play as a hero that gets weaker over time, as they’re already dead. There are over 50 unique endings and eight romance options for you to explore! You can read more details on the game right here.



The game description from Degica Games:


You are the hero, your last memory is fighting with the demon Guile and felling it, thus saving your world. However, you seem to have died in the process and now you cannot remember her, the one for which you went alone to fight the demon. Due to your great deed, the gods have given you five more days to put your affairs in order, but time will quickly take its toll and you will grow weaker as the days pass.


Good luck in finding out what happened!


From renowned creator Shoji Masuda (Linda³Oreshika) comes an epic anti-RPG about aging and death. A full localization and brush-up of a game only available until now in Japan on PS Vita.


Launch Trailer



Hour of Gameplay



Thanks to Gematsu for the gameplay footage!


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