Ciel Fledge Gets Release Date And Gameplay Walkthrough

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Ciel Fledge Gets Release Date And Gameplay Walkthrough

Ciel Fledge, the upcoming Daughter Raising Simulator, will be released worldwide on 21st February 2020 for Nintendo Switch and PC/Steam. PQube also released a bunch of new information alongside a 6 minute gameplay walkthrough detailing the various mechanics involved in the title.


In a press release today, PQube and Studio Namaapa announced that Ciel Fledge would be releasing worldwide on 21st February 2020 for Nintendo Switch and PC/Steam. New details about the game were also revealed:


Your lovely flat on ARK-3 is your daughter’s new home and the place where you interact with each other. Here you can chat with her about how she feels or how it goes with her friends, customise her outfits, check current stats, traits or relationships, save the game and set up the schedule for upcoming week!


The schedule is the backbone of Ciel Fledge and defines the activities of the upcoming week for both your daughter and yourself. Activities for her can be classes, like art or arithmetics, hobbies like gymnastics, meeting friends or simply rest. Since you need to bring home the bacon (or whatever they prefer in the year 3716), your choices are limited to the amount you will work this week in comparison to how much time you spend with your girl. All of this affects your daughter’s mood, how much money you have available and – ultimately – who she becomes as a person.


Ciel Fledge Menu

Once the schedule is set, you can sit back and watch as the week unfolds. Depending on her activities, she can run into a wide variety of encounters with a colourful cast of characters, that all grow and change with your daughter over the years.


The challenges your daughter faces – be it a test at school or battling an alien – are fought out in deck-based match-3 minigames. Customise your deck and keep track of which cards you combine to attack, defend, support and power a wide selection of special moves!


Ciel Fledge Challenge


You can watch the Gameplay Walkthrough right here:



If you want to find out more about Ciel Fledge, you can check out the official site here:




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