A Closer Look at the Akiba’s Beat Pinkun Plushie

on March 17, 2017 by

Akiba's Beat: NEET Edition
Akiba's Beat: NEET Edition
Released: Spring 2017
Format: PS4, Vita
Publisher: PQube
Developer: Acquire
A Closer Look at the Akiba’s Beat Pinkun Plushie

The Pinkun plushie is a part of our Rice Exclusive Akiba’s Beat NEET Edition. We managed to get hands-on with some of the early manufactured version of the plushie, but this should be how it appears when you get the edition! Take a look at it.



And you can buy our Exclusive Collector’s Edition here!




He’s a bit of a stocky thing, just like in the game! As you can see, he even has actual fabric representing his hoodie, and adorable little bits of string for the hoodie’s drawstring! It’s definitely quite minutely detailed. All in all he’s about the size of a fist. Both the hoodie and fur are different materials too, so you can really feel the difference. The ears are super fluffy!


Zoom… Enhance!!




This close-up gives a better ideal of the detailed stitching and design that’s gone into not just the hoodie, but Pinkun’s facial features too. You can see his trademark :3 face is looking just as adorable in plushie form!




Unceremoniously flipping Pinkun onto his front even reveals some extra detail to the hoodie (and a friendly tail)! Dotted with white spots as he appears in the game, and with the slogan “No Pink No Life” on the back. Words to live by!


The Pinkun plushie is pretty richly detailed, and will make a fine addition to any desk!




Akiba’s Beat comes out Spring 2017 on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. You can grab out Rice Exclusive Akiba’s Beat NEET Edition for either format, and both come with the plushie, as well as a bag, and artbook, and a soundtrack! Pre-order it right here.