Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, Yakuza 2 – Postcard Play

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Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, Yakuza 2 – Postcard Play

There have been so many fighting games releasing recently, and we’re still not done yet with Under Night releasing for PS4 next week! The latest on deck has been Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, a fast-paced crossover Final Fantasy fighter. Prepping for Yakuza 6, Oscar remains deep into the Yakuza zone…


Dissidia Final Fantasy NT — Mitch


I’ve been playing a lot of Dissidia NT, and having a blast with it. It’s nice to have a fighting game that you can chill out with, and one that doesn’t require furious button mashing. It’s pretty fast-paced, but it feels like I can kick back and relax with it.


I’ve been playing a lot of characters, and my current favourites are Zidane, Lightning, Tidus, Y’shtola, Noctis and Cloud of Darkness. I’ve wrapped up the story, tackled most of the gauntlet options and I’ve now been spending much of my time playing ranked solo. It sucks when you get ganged up on, but every victory is very satisfying.


I’m interested to see who’ll be introduced as DLC, but I’m hoping we see Tifa and Yuna return from 012. In terms of completely new characters, I’d love to see Vivi, Snow, Zack, Ashe, Vincent, Aranea or Beatrix join the fray. FFXIII-XV are all missing villains, so I expect to see that change at some point. Dissidia is very fun, and you should play it.


Yakuza 2 — Oscar


Yep, not the Kiwami 2 demo (yet)! I’m always pleasantly surprised whenever I press that little square button on my PlayStation 2 and it whirrs on, instantly loading whatever disc lies between those delightful plastic walls, and storing save data infinitely on whatever memory cards are inserted into one of its two waiting holes.


I’ve been back playing some Yakuza 2, renewed to finish it before I play Kiwami 2 thanks to Yakuza 0 being, well, just so good. The first two Yakuza games are on PS2, but still feel so obviously Yakuza. The core mechanics really having changed much in all this time, and it feels great to play. The second Yakuza game even vastly improves on loading times over the original, which was always its biggest black mark.


While, obviously, Kiryu’s trip out to Osaka doesn’t feel quite as detailed as Majima’s time there in Yakuza 0 — it’s still thrilling with how it expands on the Yakuza-verse. And, after spending all that quality time with Majima in Yakuza 0, it gives me chills to see how he plays into the Yakuza 2 story, and it has me on the edge of my seat waiting to see how the brand new Majima story will pan out in its remake, Yakuza Kiwami 2.



What have you been playing?