Final Fantasy XV Update Plans Revealed

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Final Fantasy XV Update Plans Revealed

Square Enix have revealed some extensive Final Fantasy XV update plans, with short-, mid-, and long-term goals for the game. Some working titles for upcoming DLC for the game have also been announced.




Here’s how FFXV‘s Director, Hajime Tabata, describes the plans:

—Short-Term Goals

First, we will further increase the gameplay satisfaction level of Chapter 13. For that reason, we have already started work on many enhancements, such as significantly enhancing the power of ring magic and so on. We will announce details on these enhancements and when we plan to offer this update at a later time.

—Mid-Term Goals

We will enhance the presentation of the second half of the game, and further enhance the satisfaction level of the story experience. For example, we plan to add event scenes that depict things like, “Why does the character Ravus follow that fate?” Since we’re doing localization work to have voice support in all languages for the the added event scenes, we’re taking this on as a mid-term goal. Project details will be announced once they have been decided.

—Long-Term Goals

We will make important characters that appear in the main story of the game available to use as playable characters. Also, we will consider adding an avatar system to create an original character to play the game.

In addition to this, we plan to actively continue updates so that players can enjoy Final Fantasy XV over a long period of time.


Play a new game while carrying over your status from a cleared game. We will offer various items that expand the breadth of gameplay, like for low-level clears and invincible suits. We will increase the font size so that messages are easier to read.

We will offer content such as boss battles complete with rewards and results, limited time mob hunts, etc. in order for you to enjoy the game live.

Tabata goes on to say that the DLC that has already been announced will still release as originally planned. This DLC includes:


– Final Fantasy XV Holiday Pack


– Final Fantasy XV Booster Pack


– Final Fantasy XV Episode Gladiolus


– Final Fantasy XV Episode Ignis


– Final Fantasy XV Episode Prompto


– Final Fantasy XV Online Expansion Pack: Comrades


I’m guessing (and hoping) the potential for an avatar system is in regards to online play. I don’t really see how that could work otherwise. It’s also nice to see Chapter 13, which many players have despaired with, singled out as a point for improvement.


Final Fantasy XV update plans

There’s definitely a lot in the Final Fantasy XV update plans to both improve and expand the game, so it’s really just a matter of long things will take. Let’s hope the DLC will be really good in the meantime!


Final Fantasy XV is out now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.





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