Final Two Characters Revealed For Octopath Traveler

on May 15, 2018 by

Final Two Characters Revealed For Octopath Traveler

In a surprise reveal from Square-Enix today made through the Nintendo official social channels, the final two characters in the upcoming 2D-HD JRPG for Switch, Octopath Traveler were introduced, along with a few other beautiful nuggets of information about the game’s mechanics.


The two final characters will be Cyrus the Scholar, and Ophelia the Cleric. Cyrus’ Path Action is Scrutinise, with which he can glean information from people to gain insight and gain information on characters and solve mysteries. Ophelia’s Path Action is Guide, which allows her to lead people to where they need to be, solving puzzles and resolving issues along the way.


Also in the video, which you can peruse below at your leisure, they revealed that all of the eight travellers will have a key “Talent” which can be used in battles and while exploring, which include uncovering enemy weaknesses, capturing foes to turn them on their allies, and picking the locks of treasure chests in the world. Finally they revealed that although you begin your game as one of the eight, all of the travellers can be found and recruited, and all of the individual narratives can be played through in a single play-through.



Needless to say, Switch owners are in for a multi-narrative treat when Octopath Traveler launches for the console worldwide on 13th July 2018.

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