Forgotton Anne Releases on 15th May

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Forgotton Anne Releases on 15th May

I hope you haven’t forgotten about Forgotton Anne! Published by Square Enix Collective and developed by ThroughLine Games, the studio’s debut title is a side-scroller adventure game where everyday objects come to life, and Anne is trying to find her way back to the human world.


forgotton anne 1


It’s a hand-drawn cinematic experience, and its music is a sweeping orchestral score which sounds very high budget for an indie title.



I’m very eager to play through it, especially as Collective and Cherrymochi’s Tokyo Dark is fantastic. Forgotton Anne is gorgeous, and I’m always happy to support a passion-project such as this one. It releases on 15th May on PS4, Xbox One and PC, so there’s not too long to wait!