Happy Manager Opening Movie Released at TGS

on September 21, 2017 by

Happy Manager Opening Movie Released at TGS

The manager in Happy Manager may be happy, but PSVR fans might not be. This PS4 title was originally announced to have PSVR support, as with Summer Lesson, but unfortunately it was recently revealed it was dropping VR support. But, it’s still coming to PS4, with its opening movie having just been revealed at TGS.



It’s got a fun opening song! Personally I think there’s an element of uncanny valley to the character designs. They’re a little bit too close to real life, but not quite there. But if it works for you then Happy Manager looks like it’ll have its own style of moe cute in spades.


Barbara, Shizuka, and Himari are tenants in the building you, the titular happy manager, look after. You need to upkeep the property, but more importantly get to know the girls, I guess? To be honest, I freak out if I hear from my landlord at all, let alone if I was to have them living in the same building and watching me use the facilities like swimming and taking a shower.



It does seem to be a little bit more full-on than the laid-back charm of Summer Lesson, which is an easy comparison point. No longer supporting VR removes some of the novelty value of Happy Manager, and until we see more gameplay it’s a little unclear how great the game will be.


“Dear Spareroom.com, looking for any other living accomodation because the self-proclaimed ‘Happy Manager’ at my current building is a bit full-on.”


Still, it’s one we’d like to get hands on with sure, even if it’s just for the novelty and fantasy of being able to actually own a property in this economy.


Happy Manager is coming to PlayStation 4 in Japan some time in January 2018.