Her Impact! Chapter One: Part One Review (Manga)

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Her Impact! Chapter One: Part One Review (Manga)

Following on from the impressive debut of Her Impact! with Chapter Zero, Chapter One: Part One is a great follow up which sees Sadie Hiroshi as she finds herself in the boxing ring, a long time after having previously having quit the sport.



This chapter is primarily a flashback which sees Sadie staying up late to watch her father, a professional boxer with an impressive 22-0 win record, take to the ring. The outcome of the match isn’t seen, but it instead takes us back to the present with Sadie taking on her first contender in years. It’s unclear if she’s been practicing much, but I assume that she hasn’t been considering that she’s working long office hours, and had seemingly made peace with putting her boxing life behind her. A person’s passion can’t ever truly be left behind though, and I’m happy to see her take up her gloves once more.


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It’s a brief chapter, but it’s whet my appetite for more. Sadie strikes me as a cool, strong character, who’s both immensely pride of her young son and of her legendary father, and she aims to do right by both of them. Boxing is a popular choice of sport to cover in manga, but Sadie is a compelling character, and Her Impact! is setting up a series that focuses more on family and passion rather than focusing on the action.


The small group of eight people working on this are doing a stellar job considering that not only is it free to read on Manga Rock, but from what I can tell, it isn’t being monetised at all. It seems to be mostly a passion project, and a story that writer Mikel Miles and artist Digitkame wants to tell, and I’m on-board for sticking with it and seeing where it goes. I want to see Sadie succeed, and her character makes that possible.


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With a sharp, distinct art style, a story that stands out, and a bright future, I recommend checking out Her Impact! and joining Sadie on her journey to live up to her father’s legacy. If you want to keep up to date with the manga, you can follow the team on Twitter and Facebook.

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