Darkstalker’s Jedah Joins Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite

on July 17, 2017 by

Darkstalker’s Jedah Joins Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite

It looks like Darkstalkers will forever live on in Marvel vs Capcom with vampire Jedah joining Infinite’s ever-growing cast. A decent amount of gameplay has been shown off for one of Darkstalker’s most popular characters as well as Guardians of the Galaxy’s Gamora, and both are looking pretty fab.


infinite jedah


Jedah looks as you’d expect him to, and Gamora is closer to her comic book counterpart as opposed to how she appears in the Marvel movies, and I’m really digging it. Gamora mixes up guns and swords to lay a constant barrage on her enemy, whilst Jedah can manipulate his own blood and wings into weapons such as a buzz saw. Watch almost nine minutes of gameplay below!



Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite releases on 19th September in the West and 21st in Japan, and it’ll release across PS4, Xbox One and PC.