Koei Tecmo Announce DEAD OR ALIVE EVO Showdown 2018

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Koei Tecmo Announce DEAD OR ALIVE EVO Showdown 2018

For those of us that are fighting game fans, there is an event coming up that is an absolute must see; Evolution Championship Series 2018 (EVO 2018). All of the biggest and best players in the FGC descending upon Las Vegas to take each other on in tournaments across multiple of the latest and classic fighters. It also turns out that there’s another reason to attend this year, in the form of the beautifully over-the-top DEAD OR ALIVE 5: Last Round.


Koei Tecmo Europe, to celebrate 22 years of the iconic fighting series, DEAD OR ALIVE (DOA), has announced the “DEAD OR ALIVE EVO Showdown 2018” at the EVO 2018 from the 3rd to the 5th August 2018 –  featuring DEAD OR ALIVE 5 Last Round! This grand celebration of the DOA fighting franchise will offer fans the opportunity to meet fellow competitors and gain access to some exclusive merchandise which will only be available at EVO 2018.



“To the DEAD OR ALIVE fans and fighting game fans, thanks to you all we are proudly announcing that DOA5 Last Round will take part in the world’s largest fighting game festival, EVO. 5 years have passed since the DOA5 series started and it’s been played by more than 10 million gamers. Meanwhile, the DOA community has expanded to become larger than ever before. To proceed to the next stage, we announced the end of the DOA5 series in December, but to my surprise the gods of fighting games have given us another chance to let players enjoy this franchise at an event once more. Though it’s a side tournament, the fact that DOA is joining EVO itself is key, and something which we have been longing for over 10 years.
So, I hope you will join and enjoy the show!”
Yosuke Hayashi (Producer), Yohei Shimbori (Director), DOA5 series

The tournament will mark the title’s first major appearance at EVO, and Koei Tecmo are calling for who are ready for the challenge to register for the tournament when sign-ups become available at a later date. They’ve promise that more details will follow in the coming weeks, but fans who wish to join the celebrations are able to register for tickets on the EVO official website in the coming weeks.