The Last Guardian Map Created By Fans

on January 3, 2017 by

The Last Guardian Map Created By Fans

Team Ico’s games are well known for their fantastic detail. Their latest game, The Last Guardian, is no different. The boy and creature that star in the game must navigate The Nest, a valley of old ruins — and player movement through The Nest isn’t cheated and makes sense.


As you move in and out of The Nest’s many structures you’ll spot various landmarks, and be able to look back at where you’ve been, and forward to where you’re going. Thanks to these moments of reflection and landmarks it’s possible to track your progress. It can be confusing, but possible. Thanks to a Reddit thread, fans of the game have pieced together a near complete Last Guardian map based on a high vantage point, and where different events in the game take place. Be careful, there are obviously spoilers!


The Last Guardian Map Created By Fans 1


The game is wonderfully designed, and it’s great you can piece everything together like this. Fans have also been speculating about the functions of certain buildings, and the structure of The Nest seems to make actual sense in design. Also take a look at the unmarked version below!


The Last Guardian Map Created By Fans 2


As you’d expect of a game from Team Ico, The Last Guardian has plenty to discover and lots to think and talk about. Expect our review soon!