Last Set of Reco Love Character Trailers

on October 17, 2016 by

Last Set of Reco Love Character Trailers

Even more Reco Love news! The last set of Reco Love character trailers were revealed, along with character bios for the protagonist’s sisters. The trailers show Free Time Events for remaining heroines Rinze and Mariana, Gold Beach‘s main girl. You can watch the other trailers here and here, and the latest ones below:


Kadokawa have also announced a demo version of Blue Ocean will be available on 19th October. The demo offers an in-game week of gameplay, with the ability to transfer your demo save data over if you buy the full game.



Additionally, you’ll still be able to export your videos from the demo to your computer too. The demo will be for Blue Ocean only, but the full games will both release at the same time.


Reco Love: Blue Ocean and Reco Love: Gold Beach will release on 20th October in Japan for PS Vita.