It’s Mega Time! New CG Mega Man Animated Show Looks Different

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It’s Mega Time! New CG Mega Man Animated Show Looks Different

I don’t really advocate hating something before it comes out. It’s not a cool habit to get into, and while yes, Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures wasn’t very good, the Pokemon Sun & Moon anime is one of the best seasons that show has seen. Either way, the new CG Mega Man show is looking… a little different for sure.



It’s Mega Time!

Dengeki reports that this new CG Mega Man cartoon series, simply titled Mega Man, will begin broadcasting on Disney XD some time in 2018, and hopefully continue onwards from there. The project is being jointly produced by Dentsu Entertainment USA and the Canadian DHX Media. DHX Media will be handling the animation, with the writing being worked on by Man of Action.


The project mainly aims to cater to America. While the style of the show obviously differs to the arguably beloved (in a nostalgic way) Mega Man anime series, you can’t really compare them as they are very different sorts of projects.


It's Mega Time! New CG Mega Man Animated Show Looks Different 1

This kid like transforms into Mega Man or something (or he’s a robot boy that puts on the suit?? I don’t know)


While fans of the Mega Man games may quite rightly find Mega Man‘s hideous, smug face disconcerting in this adaptation, it’s worth remembering that it’s still a way off releasing. Also, Man of Action have worked on the writing for the celebrated Ben 10 series, and the somewhat celebrated Ultimate Spider-Man series (yeah, yeah, I know it’s not as good as some of the other Spider-Man cartoons, but it does have a certain charm). DHX Media’s previous work are mainly aimed at younger viewers, with titles such as Transformers: Rescue BotsKuu Kuu Harajuku, and, of course, RastaMouse.


Yes, the creative minds that brought us both Ben 10 and RastaMouse are coming together at last to bring us Mega Man!



Obligatory crotch shot.


So maybe at least… give it a chance? And hey, if you support the show, it could be that Mega Man Legends 3 has a better chance of happening? Who knows?