There Is Another Nintendo Direct Tomorrow

on September 5, 2018 by

There Is Another Nintendo Direct Tomorrow

Nintendo Life is reporting on a rumour that there will be yet another Nintendo Direct tomorrow, which is likely to showcase more indie titles and to shed light on the Switch’s upcoming Nintendo Switch Online service, which launches later this month.



Nintendo Life also reported on the last Direct, so there’s a seemingly good chance that we will see another Direct tomorrow after all! Maybe we’ll see some more of Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes?


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The Nintendo Direct is slated to air at midnight BST tomorrow, 4pm PDT, 7pm EDT, and 1am CEST, which would actually take place on 7th September, so we’ll know soon enough. What do you hope to see if there’s another Nintendo Direct? I’m hoping for a reveal of a vastly improved party mode or lobby system for online games.


UPDATE: Nintendo has now confirmed this direct themselves. Enjoy!