Mirai Nikki Future Diary Part 2 Review (Anime)

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Mirai Nikki Future Diary Part 2 Review (Anime)

I adored the first part of Mirai Nikki Future Diary and its fast-paced, thrilling journey that sees a group of young adults and children fighting for survival.
Future Diary Part 2 follows on from where Part 1 left off with much of the cast being locked inside a room slowly filling with gas in a plan of Yuno’s devising, with Yuuki’s sanity finally starting to break. The second part of the anime definitely has a lot more action and blood, and packs in more twists and turns and whilst I can’t say I’m a big fan of all of them and the second part certainly didn’t engross me quite as much as Part 1, it’s still a fitting end to the series and one that I’m satisfied with. I’m not sure I’d sit to watch Future Diary again but it’s undeniably been an exciting, suspenseful and emotional ride filled with shock and awes that kept me guessing.
One thing I commend Future Diary for is in making all of the contestants are likeable and so it’s sad whenever any of them are murdered or die by other means, as in the end none of them seem to be genuinely bad people but have been forced into a situation where it’s kill or be killed. Yuno, clearly, is the most crazy one of the lot who kills people when it’s not necessary by any means, but even then I still feel for her when you learn more about her backstory and in how purely she loves Yuuki and wants to protect him. There’s a decent amount of character development for each character and there wasn’t a character I didn’t like – well, I never really liked Reisuke Houjou despite his being 5 years old and, well, Murmur just annoyed me pretty much whenever she was on-screen!
Mirai Nikki 2

Future Diary is a fantastic looking show that looks even better on Blu-Ray but unlike the first part, I’m reviewing this based on the DVD version which still looks pretty damn great. There’s plenty more action and blood with a few wince-worthy moments and up-close and personal battles where anybody could quickly get the upper hand, and you certainly won’t become bored with the visuals. Studio Asread haven’t got a whole lot of shows under their belt but Future Diary is clearly their most popular work and for good reason – they’ve also animated Big Order which is by Sakae Esuno, the author behind Future Diary (you can tell as the story sounds similar and the characters look very similar, too, but I’m not here to talk about that!)
Future Diary has an outstanding English voice-cast featuring Josh Grelle as Yuuki and Brina Palencia as Yuno, with Emily Neves as Minene, Todd Haberkorn as Aru, Caitlin Glass as Hinata and a slew of other talented voice-actors and actresses lending their voices to the rest of the supporting cast. It’s a brilliant dub that’s matched by an excellent soundtrack with some notable orchestral themes that perfectly fit the horrifying yet hopeful tone of the show. Overall Future Diary has outstanding audio that excels in all aspects, but you can watch it in Japanese if you’d prefer.
Mirai Nikki 1

Mirai Nikki Future Diary Part 2, and the show overall, is a clever, well-paced story that does a great job in fleshing out all of the characters and makes for an easy binge-watch. Packed with twists, turns and shocking events that left me with my hand over my mouth, Future Diary is a show that never grew old even if I felt that some of the twists were a bit out of the blue, but in the end it neatly wrapped up in a way I was highly satisfied with and it gave me the chills – it couldn’t have ended better! (It’s worth noting that it’s come to my attention that there’s an OVA episode that acts as the true ending, and it’s sadly not included on the home release.) It’s an exhilarating anime that’s well worth watching and with both parts now out, I recommend that you buy them and watch it for yourself.

4 Stars