New ARMS Fighter is Being Teased

on August 16, 2017 by

New ARMS Fighter is Being Teased

A new ARMS fighter is being teased via the game’s official Twitter account and it’s finally struck me as to how weird it is that there’s no English ARMS account. Weird huh? Just like the new fighter who looks like they’re sporting a jolly old pair of wonderful pantaloons!


You can check the brief clip out over on the ARMS Twitter account here, but it’s grainy and hard to see what’s happening. Poor commentator and mascot Biff was enjoying a holiday abroad when news of a new fighter reached him, and he ended up with a broken camera. Poor Biff, that’s not what you want on holiday. The moment the new fighter starts running at the screen at the end looks like it’s pulled straight from a horror movie.


new arms fighter


We assume that this fresh contender will be making a proper appearance soon, and it likely won’t be long until we’re able to play as them. We’ll be sure to let you know as more information comes to light!