All the News of Sony’s Tokyo Game Show 2017 Conference

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All the News of Sony’s Tokyo Game Show 2017 Conference

It’s 8am and I’m ready to do this, readers. I’m more than ready to let you know exactly what gets announced during Sony’s Tokyo Game Show 2017 conference but, if you want to watch along with me, then please do so! Sony have been kind enough to offer a version of the conference for English audiences.


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You can watch the conference below, which is starting now. What will we see? That Dragon’s Crown PS4 leak, maybe? Maybe more Yakuza or Persona news? Who knows?!



First up is a reel showing upcoming PS4 games, both Japanese and Western. There’s really cool music made for this reel, and I want to hear it again sometime today, please.


As of 11th June, more than 60.4 million PS4 units, between all versions, have been sold. Impressive! Japan is getting five new coloured Dualshocks in November, along with Gran Turismo and a new bundle in October. VR will provide “ultra-realistic driving”! Then there’s that ugly Call of Duty PS4 again…


Here’s a Japanese Call of Duty: WW2 trailer, followed by a wonderful English Ni no Kuni II trailer — now that is a gorgeous game. Earth Defense Force 5 looks less gorgeous, but it also looks like a bunch of dumb fun. It’s suffering from immense screen-tear though, but now you can get in a massive robot and fight giant creatures!


Does TGS usually have this many Western games being looked at? Red Dead Redemption 2‘s trailer played, followed by another look at open-world Dynasty Warriors 8. That’s shaping up nicely but despite it being the flagship musou game, it’s probably also my least favourite. It’s getting a limited edition PS4 console too — a lot of those nowadays, aren’t there?


Japanese Minecraft Season Two trailer now is releasing on 12th October, with pre-orders going live on PSN this month. You get 25% off if you do. All the Western games seem to have Japanese voice-acting and vice-versa. It’s pretty fun.


I desperately want subtitles for this Dissidia trailer. We get to see our first Noctis gameplay, so that’s cool. I’m still a little surprised Shadow of the Colossus is being fully remade. Maybe it’ll be playable now, because the PS2 and PS3 controls are abysmal. That horse plays like a brick wall.


Dragon’s Crown Pro (not exclusive to PS4 Pro) has been announced with no new characters, sadly, but I’m looking forward to it. What a gem. The Steam version of Final Fantasy IX (which is in an eternal tie with Persona 4 Golden as my all-time favourite game) is coming to PS4 today with an exclusive theme!



Here’s [email protected]: Stella Stage. And there it goes. Not much on that yet, I’m afraid. Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation 2 follows, and does not share the same tone as the idol game, surprisingly. You also can’t forget that PSVR exists, so here’s a showreel and a PSVR and camera bundle.


Here’s a new look at that recently revealed Jurassic World game too, followed by Gungrave. There’s a lot of shooting in this one. I thought we were past the PSVR moment now, but seemingly not. But there’s a A-Train Exp., a train simulator coming to PSVR. To be fair, that could be pretty rad. Neko Atsume VR too!


Zone of the Enders is returning and coming to PS4 and VR with Anubis ZOE MARS. It seems like this can be played with a Dualshock too. This is cool news, but I want to see more of it! It’s a remaster though, so don’t get too excited for a new game. Finally, VR is adding more game music performed live to watch. Japan Studio held a show and performed music from many of their games. I’d love for more things like this to come to VR. You’ll be able to watch news and niconico in VR, too.



Until Dawn‘s prequel Hidden Agenda now, as part of Sony’s new PlayLink line. Your friends can use their mobile phones to play a part of the main PS4 game, such as voting on which choice to make. Animax is being upgraded in Japan, but it’s falling way behind the competition here. Sony are hoping to create more games aimed at children too, which basically means grown adults are about to be excited over kids games. Whatever that was looked super good. It had its little booty out, whatever that yo-kai-looking thing was.


Here’s more of that Fist of the North Star game by the Yakuza team. It’s basically Yakuza meets Mad Max. I’m a massive Yakuza fan so will be checking it out but, sadly, I’m not a fan of Fist of the North Star. Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain visually looks vastly better than 5. Looks like a more series take on the series.


Vanillaware have a new game, 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim, in the works and it’s gorgeous. Students use mechas to protect the Earth. We’ve heard about it but hadn’t seen it, but that looks great. It’s followed by Quantic Dream’s Detroit: Become Human, which is apparently never getting a release date.


I did not expect a A Certain Magical Index game to be announced, and it’s a 3D fighter where they all use mechs. Not quite as exciting as this could’ve been had it been a 2D fighter making use of the character’s abilities. This is followed by Left Alive, a new project which also has a focus on mecha.


Here’s another Monster Hunter: World trailer and oh boy does it look good! New gameplay and enemies have been shown, including a massive, fluffy bat-thing. There’s a lot of story, but I don’t know Japanese. Sorry, all. The producer for the game has come on-stage now to talk about the monsters of the game. He’s also announced that World will be releasing on 26th January 2018! A collector’s edition with a figure, artbook, soundtrack CD and digital content has been revealed. Hopefully the figure looks better than the gems in the Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite collector’s edition. The limited edition PS4 and Dualshock 4 for World are gorgeous. Probably the best limited PS4 design so far.


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Sony are working hard to nurture the Japanese console games market, and it sounds like the PS4 is only halfway through its life-span. We should have PS4 as our main console for another 3-4 years before a new one, it seems. Can’t really knock that.


The latest PS4 ad in Japan is amazing. It’s a musical number featuring people from several walks of life, and it’s super catchy. Sure it’ll be up on YouTube as its own video soon.


That’s a wrap, though! Not many surprises outside of PSVR, but it was a solid showcase. Now, I need to refresh PSN until Final Fantasy IX appears.