Nintendo Direct Mini Packs A Big Punch

on January 11, 2018 by

Nintendo Direct Mini Packs A Big Punch

After teasing the internet all day yesterday, the Nintendo mini direct has finally aired and it’s a doozy! Whilst Dark Souls was leaked earlier today, the rest of the show was kept firmly under wrap and a bunch of DLC, ports and new titles will be coming to Switch this year.


So yes, Dark Souls is being remastered for release on Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC come 25th May, but that isn’t all! The World Ends With You Final Remix is coming to Switch with new control schemes and story content sometime this year, along with a Hyrule Warriors port complete with all DLC this Spring. No Tokyo Mirage Sessions port just yet, though…


nintendo mini direct


Other games include ports of Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA, which will release this Summerand Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze with an added Funky Kong for 4th May. A brand new Mario Tennis game, Aces, launches this Spring complete with story, missions and bosses — yeah, Nintendo are going full hog with this one, and it looks delightful.


SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy is a 2v2 fighting game which brings together many heroines from SNK fighters – as you might’ve guessed – and this looks like a fun romp and an easily accessible fighter for this Summer. You can pick up NEOGEO fighter Art of Fighting 2 on the eShop right now though, if you want to scratch that fighting itch.


nintendo mini direct


Quite a few titles for a direct Nintendo have described as mini, right? Well, that’s not all, because there’s a bunch of DLC for various games on its way too! Blastoise and Aegislash are joining Pokken Tournament along with support characters Mew, Mimikyu, Mega Rayquaza and Celebi, along with a bunch of customisation options for your avatar.


Super Mario Odyssey will receive Luigi’s Balloon World in February in a competitive mode where balloons are hid and found in a battle to rise up in the worldwide leaderboards. Of course, new outfits and filters for snapshots are inbound too. Sadly, there isn’t actually a new world though, but hopefully we’ll see some someday.



Kirby Star Allies sees the pink ball of joy make his debut on Switch on 16th March, and new indie games Celeste and Fe release on the eShop on 25th January and 16th February respectively. Donkey Kong will join Mario + Rabbids soon, along with Payday 2 DLC which will be exclusive to Switch.


For a mini direct, there have been a bunch of great announcements here. Sure, a lot of them are ports but not many people owned a Wii U, so it’s lovely to see some of these fantastic titles get a new lease of life on Switch. I’m very excited for a bunch of these titles, The World Ends With You Final Remix in particular, and there’s a lot for Switch fans to be happy with — and they all release this year! Now, it’s just the wait for Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE to be announced for Switch…