Onechanbara Remake gets a new character reveal

on January 29, 2019 by

Onechanbara Remake gets a new character reveal

So it looks like the Onechanbara Remake is inching closer. Announced at TGS last year Onechanbara Origin from D3 has been pretty quiet on the news front – but this week in Famitsu, D3 announced a new character and some very slight details on the up-coming brawler.


The Famisu article reveals that Onechanbara Origin will feature an all-new cel shaded look. They also showed off new character Rei for the first time.


Onechanbara remake origin


Rei joins the previously announced characters Aya and Saki, voiced by Youko Hikasa and Hiromu Igarashi repsectively. New character Rei will be voiced by Yuu Kobayashi.





For a series that’s always been notable for it’s over the top violence and sexual content – the question now is how much will D3 have to dial back the sexy in order to appease the Sony gods? So far it’s only been announced for PlayStation 4.

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