Persona 5 information blowout!

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Persona 5 information blowout!

There was a Persona 5 stream earlier today that revealed plenty of content including the full animated opening to the game, anime information and more!

Let’s begin with the animated opening, which you can see below, is animated by prestigious studio Production I.G and now features the main party – it’s 1:35 minutes worth of pure beauty.

Following in chronological order, Atlus also showed the opening section of the game which sees our protagonist captured by the police, where he’s then given the chance by Igor and the Velvet Room to have shot at changing his future. It looks amazing, and I’m itching for more already!

Before continuing, let’s again admire the official art that was released along with the last stream because it’s stunning, and hopefully now you’re warmed up for even more wonderful content coming up!
persona 5 1

There are plenty of co-operation trailers, which are this games Social Links, all seven of which you can view below!
First up is the beautiful Ichiko Oya.

Next up is the young Shinya Oda.

Third is fellow classmate Yuki Mishima.

Next is fortune teller Chihaya Mifune.

Sadayo Kawakami works as both a teacher a maid.

Toranosuke Yoshida is a politician.

Last but not least, Hifumi Togo is a religious schoolgirl.

Are you a fan of dungeons? Then you’ll love the infinite Mementos Dungeon where you get your very own mystery machine in the form of Morgana turning into a bus. This looks like it’ll be great for grinding an getting more Persona, and the animation at the end of this trailer is very nice!

If you live in Japan, you’ll soon be able to see the below advertisement on your TV! There will be 8 weeks worth of advertisements, which means there will likely be one for each main party member.

You might remember word of the Persona 5 anime, called The Day Breakers, and it turns out that this will be a 55 minute special that’ll air on TV in Japan. There’s no word yet of an official Western release, but I’ll be surprised if there isn’t one. Have a look at the anime trailer below.

If you can understand Japanese then this staff interview is for you! I’d love to know what is being said but alas, I cannot understand Japanese.

So that’s pretty much all of it. Plenty to see, a lot of new information to absorb and much to be excited about! Persona 5 releases in Japan later this year on 15th September, North America on 14th February 2017 and in Europe at a yet announced date but Deep Silver will be bringing it to Europe. Persona 5 will be available on PS4 and PS3.

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