Persona Waifu Wars Final (Round 6) – Makoto v Mitsuru

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Persona Waifu Wars Final (Round 6) – Makoto v Mitsuru

Gotta kind of love how the Persona Waifu Wars has turned out. It’s been really interesting to see which games have stronger waifus, and to see it come to this — a final between Makoto from Persona 5, and Mitsuru from Persona 3. In a way the new vs the old (but not the old old).


So this is it, we stand on the precipice. Just me, you, Makoto, Mitsuru, and also the other hundreds who have contributed to this lil’ old thing. But no more. We jump, we leap into the dark abyss that is waifu wars. Hold onto your votes. Voting ends this Friday at Noon GMT. Let’s make it count.




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Makoto Niijima or Mitsuru Kirijo?


Only one can rise!


Take a look at the full brackets and who we’ve lost so far in the embed below, or on Challonge.



Reminder, these Finals end this Friday at Noon GMT so make sure you make your voice heard!

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