PQube New IP teased

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PQube New IP teased

In some rather surprising news yesterday, or should I say tweet, a PQube new IP was teased with just a single image and a couple of vague details. Coming from a company best known for the likes of Steins;Gate and Muv-Luv, it will come as no surprise that this new IP is a visual novel.


The tweet from PQube (who incidentally are celebrating their 10th birthday as a company)  was as follows:



Judging from the image, a school girl clutching a piece of paper – presumably dead? – it suggests this could be a murder mystery of some kind. PQube also teased that this would have PQube’s ‘Special Touch’ (winkyface). Quite what this really means is anyone’s guess, though given the company’s history with the lewder side of Japanese gaming, I’m wondering if there may be some kind of fan-service element to the Visual Novel.



No further PQube New IP elements were teased, though in the reply thread they did seem to confirm that this new Visual Novel would be coming to PS4 and Switch with Xbox being left out.


PQube new IP


The Visual Novel is being co-developed by PQube and Art.co – a developer who, honestly, I’d never heard of until today, and have been responsible for the RPG Unchained Blades as well as ports of PS titles like Every Extend Extra.



We’ll cover more on this as it develops.




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