Sekko Boys So Far – Should You Be Watching? (Anime)

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Sekko Boys So Far – Should You Be Watching? (Anime)

For what seemed like a pretty gimmicky anime short, Sekko Boys is actually surprisingly watchable. It’s about an idol group formed of four sculpture busts: St George, Mars, Hermes, and Medici.




Watched 4/12 episodes.

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The show follows their new manager, who hates sculptures after her stint at art school, as she takes on the challenges that managing one of the more popular up and coming boy idol groups presents.



Medici, St. Giorgio, Mars, and Hermes – the members of the Sekko Boys, or “the Rockies” as their fans call them.


The joke is partially that nobody really minds or cares that they are statues, but also how being statues affects their lives. For instance, they need to be picked up and moved around, and one of them needs a baby seat in the car. This dual nature stops it from being too one note so far.




At 7 minutes an episode you’d think the joke might overstay it’s welcome, but so far it’s been surprisingly watchable. It helps that each of the sculptures feels pretty individual, with their personalities based on the people they represent.




For example, the latest episode saw St. Giorgio coming to terms with how he puts himself in front of the public, and where he fits in with the rest of the group. At one point he awkwardly tells a too long joke to the crowd about how he fought dragons.




Will it get old by the time it finishes its 12 episode run? Maybe. But so far the series has been surprisingly good — a solid 7 minute piece of fun that I look forward to every week. Sekko Boys might seem like a gimmicky one-joke concept, but the execution is so far showing that’s not the case. It doesn’t even have an overly long intro like some shorts, instead having that as the Ending Credits. Well worth a watch.