Shimoneta Review – Dirty Jokes are a Blessing Upon this World (Anime)

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Shimoneta Review – Dirty Jokes are a Blessing Upon this World (Anime)

Shimoneta is a weird anime, you guys. A real weird anime. Its concept of a world where dirty jokes and sex aren’t allowed intrigued me, and its over-the-top humour and willingness to make the most of this concept kept my interest until the end. Shimoneta never relaxes and I agree with SOX — dirty jokes are a blessing!


The Japanese government is censoring anything that they consider to be immoral sexual activity, such as language, pornography and sex education, with people being branded as criminals for breaking the law if they’re caught doing any of the above. An organisation called SOX exists to spread pornographic material as they see it as natural, and understand that not being aware of sex and your feelings is wrong. Tanukichi Okuma is forced to join SOX alongside leader Ayame Kajou, and together they work to undermine the school council and the government by alerting Japan to their sexual desires. It’s funny and the cast are likeable, and I’d happily watch it again — be warned though, it is very lewd!


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Shimoneta never relaxes and I agree with SOX — dirty jokes are a blessing!

J.C.Staff have delivered on one of their best looking anime yet with Shimoneta and they didn’t hold back, making the most they could out of the concept. Women are visibly releasing juices all over the place, there’s a lot of near-nudity and although some may cry out that it’s censoring, I like that the nudity is covered with funny stamps and the like — after all, this is a world where nudity and sexual jokes are being suppressed, so I found it to be a nice, suitable touch. It’s colourful and visually funny, so prepare yourself for a lot of body humour and, of course, lewd moments — it can sometimes be a little off-putting where the younger cast is concerned, but otherwise it’s some of the best use of fan-service I’ve seen.


With a great amount of lewd comes voice-actors and actresses who don’t hold back and take full advantage of the ridiculousness of the script, and it’s wonderful. Jamie Marchi as Ayame in particular is incredibly vulgar, hilarious and ramps out joke after joke without relent. Josh Grelle as Tanukichi and Monica Rial as Anna both clearly don’t kiss their mothers with their mouths considering how crass they are, but they just add to the shows charm and give brilliant performances. The English Dub as a whole is satisfying alongside the Japanese voice-over — may Anna’s Japanese voice-actress, Miyu Matsuki, rest in peace.


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I know I want a second season.

The concept of Shimoneta always intrigued me and I’m glad to see that its used for full comedic effect, and it’s easy to find yourself supporting SOX’s endeavour. Gorgeous visuals, solid voice-acting and a soundtrack with catchy opening and ending themes that have stuck with me after the show all come together to deliver an anime that uses fan-service for humour and has no shame in doing so — fan-service can be hit or miss with me due to its implementation, but Shimoneta is so unabashed and uses its outlandish concept to its maximum effect. If you’re looking for something fun with a likeable leading pair then Shinometa should impress you. I know I want a second season.

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