SHIRI: The Robot Bum that Expresses Emotion

on January 29, 2015 by

SHIRI: The Robot Bum that Expresses Emotion

We all know we express a lot of emotion from our bums, right? Fear… anxiety… happiness… fear. Joy? And, of course, fear. Many people have also asked if robots will be able to express emotions in the same way humans do. Forget facial interaction — the bum is where it’s at. Luckily Nobuhiro Takahashi has been looking into just that with his latest robotics project: SHIRI.


SHIRI can “express emotions such as ‘Tension’, ‘Twitch’, and ‘Protrustion’, as well as react accordingly to contact. For example “the user may feel SHIRI’s fear […] on contact”. That’s the thing with fear… it’s all in the bum.


Screenshot 2015-01-29 16.54.21

Pure fear.




Some of you may recognise Nobuhiro Takahashi’s name. He’s pretty much a genius when it comes to Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and Humanoid robots, as his website shows. He is also behind…


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