Are SNES Games Switch bound?

on January 14, 2019 by

Are SNES Games Switch bound?

Ever since the NES line up arrived via Switch’s online service the question has always been SNES Games Switch when? I don;’t mean to be down on the NES in anyway, but other than the odd throw-away session here and there, those games are O-L-D and the quality of life playing some of them is, frankly… not great.


Not a popular opinion? Nope – but the fact is SNES games Switch goodness is where all the true happy is to be found. Good news then is that a recent leak via data-mined text in a Switch update seems to suggest that, indeed, we could be seeing SNES games Switch bound very soon.


SNES games Switch breath of fire 2


The initial line up seems to be pretty good too, if rather unsurprising. Here are the games below:


Super Mario World

Super Mario All-Stars

Super Mario Kart

Yoshi’s Island

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Super Metroid

Star Fox

Star Fox 2


Super Soccer

Demon’s Crest

Stunt Race FX

Kirby’s Dream Course

Kirby Super Star

Kirby’s Dreamland 3

Pop’n’ Twinbee

Contra III

Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts

Super Punch-Out!!

The Legend of the Mystical Ninja

Breath of Fire 2


As I said, not a bad little list that – I particularly like the cheeky insertion of Breath of Fire II at the end there. A few more JRPGs would have been nice, but hey, I’m not fussy right now. Nintendo’s online service is in desperate need of a fun injection – and this could be just the ticket.


Is the SNES Games Switch-bound rumour true? Only time will tell – but yeah, it’s a pretty safe bet that this is going to happen.