Splatoon 2 Halloween Gear is Now Live

on October 6, 2018 by

Splatoon 2 Halloween Gear is Now Live

The Splatoon 2 Halloween gear is now live, and Switch users can download it via the Squid Research Lab Report channel under Nintendo news. Doing so grants you four new masks including an Anglerfish Mask, a Hockey Mask, a Kyonshi Hat, and Li’l Devil Horns — have your cartridge ready!


The Splatoween event is a 2-day splatfest which runs from 19th October – 21st October, and it will pit Trick or Treat versus each other.


splatoon 2 halloween


Splatoon 2 has plenty of Splatfests, but there hasn’t been much in the way of seasonal events, and Halloween is an exciting time to hold a themed Splatfest! Which side will you be joining?

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