Splatoon the most underrated game of E3

on June 16, 2014 by

Splatoon the most underrated game of E3

With blockbusters all-around, already pushing the graphics of the new systems to their limits, we all seem to have forgotten why we play games, to have fun. One gritty military shooter after another left me with wanting something different and Spaltoon does just that, washing away the grays and browns with vibrant colors.



Despite having a Nintendo Digital Event which was an hour shorter than their competitors, Nintendo managed to squeeze quite a number of captivating titles in that time. It was there that they unveiled Splatoon, a game which is overflowing with creativity seen like in titles such as The Wonderful 101.



Splatoon has two teams facing off in a 4 vs 4 shootout. However instead of using bullets, the combatants use paint. Firing paint is both your means of offence as it is defense. Hitting enemies will kill them, but shooting at floors and walls will paint them into your team’s color. The main goal is to cover the map in as much paint as possible. There’s a lot of back-and-forth here, as you will be coloring over enemy paint, pushing their line of defense back.


Paint not only serves as a way to determine the winner at the end, depending on the colored percentage of the map, but also gives you a huge tactical advantage. You can turn into a squid which allows you to dive into your ink, rendering you invisible. While in squid mode you can  swim extremely fast and even move up obstacles or walls. On the other hand if you walk over enemy ink you will move much slower, sticking to the ground. Splatoon has a variety of weapons to choose from, including: machine guns, sniper rifles, rocket launchers and grenades. Because of all this, the game allows for quite a bit of strategy.



The game was made according to the Nintendo design philosophy, where you first make the gameplay after which you come up with the characters. Because of this the developers came up with the ingenious concept of allowing characters to change into squids (as they spew ink).


Splatoon seems like an awesome title, but its fate is uncertain. It is not only overshadowed by bigger more bombastic cross-platform titles, but also by its online nature, which can make or break this kind of title depending on its player base. However the early explosion of Splatoon’s fan art gives me hope that this game will be well received.