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N64 Anthology Book (Collector's Edition)

N64 Anthology Book (Collector's Edition)
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Format: Artbook

Nintendo 64 Anthology 'Collector’s Edition' features a limited edition cover. The book will be numbered and housed in its own, handmade slipcase. In addition to the handmade slipcase, exclusive cover, and limited, numbered print-run, the Nintendo 64 Anthology Collector’s Edition includes 24 additional pages with the best international N64 advertisements, guaranteed to transport you around the world.

N64 Anthology Book (Collector's Edition)

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What is the N64 Anthology Book (Collector's Edition)?

More than 350 pages, 388 game reviews, interviews, complete history, Collector's Guide... Everything you need to know about the Nintendo 64!
- Complete Software Library - A total of 388 official titles were released on the Nintendo 64, and a specific amount of page space is dedicated to each one based on its quality and reputation. For example, GoldenEye has earned itself a full page, whereas titles of lesser renown will be covered on a half-page. While most players have played or at least heard of the best titles (GoldenEyeMario 64Banjo-Kazooie, Lylat WarsStar Fox 64Perfect DarkThe Legend of Zelda, etc.), many other less well-known games deserve our attention too. This book presents all 388 published games with detailed information, including their release date, developer, publisher, genre, rarity index, and a rating out of five.
- Hardware - In this technical section, we uncover the secrets behind the Nintendo 64's hardware: its technical characteristics, connectors, its heart beating to the rhythm of silicon. Here we establish a precise overview of the Nintendo 64, through its accessories, controllers, and cartridges. This section also includes all the versions sold, collector's editions, and the various bundles distributed around the world.
- Collector's Guide - These pages, specially designed for collectors, inventory all the games released on the Nintendo 64, in each territory (Japan, North America, Europe, and Australia). There are checkboxes by each game, so that you can keep a precise inventory of your collection and quickly see which games you own and those you don't... yet!


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