Nights of Azure 2 + DLC Bonus - PlayStation 4 (PS4)

Nights of Azure 2 + DLC Bonus - PlayStation 4 (PS4)
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Format: PS4
Developer: Gust
Publisher: Koei Tecmo
Genre: Action RPG
Release Date: 27th October 2017
Also Available On: PS4, Nintendo Switch

Revived from death as a half-demon, Aluche embarks on a journey to save her childhood friend, Liliana, before she is sacrificed to the Moon Queen. Comes with a DLC costume & three bonus Servans! Get 2 extra costumes if you also have Blue Reflection!

Nights of Azure 2 + DLC Bonus - PlayStation 4 (PS4)

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What is Nights of Azure 2?


"A new moon rises. Lilies bloom."


Take on the role of Aluche, an agent of the Curia with orders to guard her close friend and priestess, Liliana. When Aluche discovers Liliana is to be offered up to the Moon Queen as a sacrifice, she is filled with despair, but begins her mission to take Liliana to the Moon Queen's location. However, the pair are attacked on the way by a ferocious fiend, and Aluche is killed in battle.


She awakes to discover she has been brought back from the dead as a half-demon and Liliana is nowhere to be found. Burdened with dark power, Aluche sets out on a new quest in the hopes of saving her friend.


Game Features
  • Evolved Servan Actions
Servans return in Nights of Azure 2 with further enhanced gameplay! Two new Servan types, Striker and Tricker, have been introduced - with Striker Servans transforming into weapons for a short time to offer greater damage, and Tricker Servans offering special actions in the overworld, such as the ability to glide across gaps in a dungeon.



  • Fight alongside a beautiful bouquet of Lilies!
Throughout her journey, Aluche will meet special characters known as Lilies. These companions have their own pasts and agendas, but they swear to fight with Aluche to take on their true enemy: the Moon Queen. Playing a crucial role in battles, these characters can offer the player an upper hand with exciting combination attacks.


  • Water Lilies with affection and watch them grow!
Bonds are a key gameplay element in Nights of Azure 2. Each Lily has their own Affection Level, which can be increased through completing requests. As their bonds grow, new special abilities and events will occur, allowing players to unravel the mystery of the cruel fate set before them.


  • Fight against devastating foes!
New Giant Boss Battles are introduced to the series, which will test Aluche and her Lilies' abilities! Observing the enemy's weak spots and attacking whilst they're down allows for strong blows to be performed - and even the power of a Lily Burst! Each enemy has their own unique abilities for players to overcome.



What's the Bonus DLC?

Grab Nights of Azure 2 now and get an exclusive swimsuit costume for Aluche and three bonus Servans! The code will be an EU region code.





Even More Bonus DLC!

If you own both Nights of Azure 2 and Blue Reflection, you'll unlock some extra crossover costumes! The protagonists of both games, Aluche and Hinako, swap outfits for something a little out of the ordinary! This crossover DLC will be fulfilled through PSN when it recognises you own both games, and is arranged by Koei Tecmo, not ourselves at Rice Digital.




Additional Information
Koei Tecmo
Action RPG
Release Date
27th October 2017
Also Available On

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