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At Rice Digital, we really love our products but we love our fans even more! Sometimes, you send your love back to us and, in that instance, we like to show the world that what we're doing makes a difference.
Here are some of the recent testimonials we have received:
"I'm so beary excited that my copy of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax has been dispatched by Rice Digital"
"Ages ago I switched all my games pre orders from Amazon to Rice Digital and it was a very good move, they are great."
"Rule 1 of Twitter - DON'T START WAIFU WARS"
"Thanks RiceDigital! Awesome site for games!"
"Yes! Finally everyday will be great at Junes!"
"Just had a wonderful delivery via Junes...I mean Rice Digital! Thank you, the T is a perfect fit!"
"Rice Digital is honestly the best!"
"Your number 1 in my book :3"