Super Smash Bros. Switch Game Revealed

on March 9, 2018 by

Super Smash Bros. Switch Game Revealed

The Nintendo Direct has been and gone, but the talk about a new Super Smash Bros. game for Switch is more prevalent than ever. A seemingly brand new game – not a port – has been announced, and all we know is that the Inklings, Mario and Breath of the Wild‘s Link will be starring.


The reveal was made after a slick CGI fight between two inklings, with the Smash logo being reflected in inkling girl’s eye. It was intense, to say the least!


smash switch



Super Smash Bros. for Switch is releasing later this year, so let the roster theories commence! Will the Ice Climbers ever make it back in? Who knows? Sakurai is back though, despite his claims that the Wii U and 3DS iteration would be his last. You know the series is safe in his hands, though. Bandai Namco, who primarily developed the last game, are not credited this time, with Hal Laboratory being credited instead. This means that this is likely an entirely brand new title!